Path Chap 8 Terms

  1. Jaundice
    a yellow discoloration of the skin, eyes, & mucosa (aka icterus)
  2. Emesis
  3. Hematemesis
    blood in vomit
  4. Colic
    progressive cycles of intense cramping-type pain
  5. Rigidity
    protective spasm of the muscles of the abdominal wall caused by pain for injury, internal bleeding, or disease in the abdominal organ
  6. Prandial
    GI syptoms while eating
  7. Postprandial
    GI symptoms after eating
  8. Diarrhea
    frequent or loose bowel movements caused by increase bowel motility & other factors
  9. Constipation
    abnormal retention of feces as a result of hardened (dehydrated) stool or decrease bowel motility
  10. McBurney's point
    pain in the right lower quadrant, one-third to one half th edistance from the anterior superior illiac spine towards the umbilicus
  11. Kehr's sign
    referred pain from the spleen to the LEFT shoulder
  12. Ascites
    excess peritoneal fluid, indicated by an abnormally protruding abdomens
  13. Hammering
    increases the pain caused by injured organs which strike specific abdominal organs briskly with the ulnar edge of the right fist
  14. "Jar" test (Markle's sign)
    a test for peritonits... person stands on his or her toes then suddenly drops flatly onto their heels, a sharp incrase in abldominal pain is positive for peritonitis (inflammation of peritoneum, the thin tissue that lines the inner wall of the abdomen and covers most of the abdominal organs)
  15. Viral Gastroenteritis
    "stomach flu"
  16. Diverticulitis
    if feces become trapped in a herniated section or such a section becomes obstructed, an inflammation of the herniated section results... the inflammation is the diverticulitis
  17. Splenomegaly
    pathological enlargement of the spleen, often from medical conditions such as mono
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