Health Chps. 7 & 8 Vocab

  1. siblings
    Brothers and sisters
  2. nuclear family
    Two parents and one or more children living in the same place
  3. blended family
    A married couple and their children from previous marriages
  4. extended family
    A family that includes additional relatives beyond parents and children
  5. foster care
    The temporary placement of children in the homes of adults who are not related to them
  6. affirmation
    Positive feedback that helps others feel appreciated and supported
  7. separation
    A decision by two married people to live apart from each other
  8. divorce
    A legal end to a marriage contract
  9. custody
    The legal right to make decisions affecting children and the responsibility for their care
  10. abuse
    The physical, mental, emotional, or sexual mistreatment of one person by another
  11. domestic violence
    Acts of violence involving family members
  12. spousal abuse
    Domestic violence or any other form of abuse directed at a spouse
  13. child abuse
    Domestic abuse directed at a child
  14. neglect
    The failure to provide for a child's basic needs
  15. elder abuse
    The abuse or neglect of older family members
  16. cycle of violence
    Pattern of repeating violent or abusive behaviors from one generation to the next
  17. crisis center
    A facility that offers advice and support to people dealing with personal emergencies
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Health Chps. 7 & 8 Vocab
Health Chps. 7 & 8 Vocab