Bible Final

  1. Background info on the 4 (or 5) letters from Paul to the Corinthians
    Letter A -- "previous letter" (1st cor. 5:9)

    Letter B -- 1st Corinthians

    Letter C -- (after returning to ephesus from his 2nd visit to cor.) "sorrowful letter" delivered to cor by Titus (2nd cor 1-9)

    Letter D -- 2nd Corinthaians (Paul left ephesus and met Titus who said they greeted him well and improved)

    (Letter E -- 2nd Cor. chapters 10-13....some think different letter, others say he just recieved bad news in the middle of letter D and hence the change)
  2. Who is Sosthenes (from 1st Cor)
    possible coauthor, mentioned as "our brother," not apostle, possibly same Sosthenes in Acts 18--a synagogue ruler who was beaten
  3. Who are Chloe's people (from 1st cor)
    important because they sent information to Paul (from Cor to ephesus) about the Corinthian church and caused him to write a letter (letter B)
  4. (1st Cor ch 1)
    Why did Paul baptize only a few people?
    baptism was the root of the division/allegiance issues
  5. (1st Cor ch 1) What kind of wisdom was in Corinth?
    • Wisdon in corinth was worldly wisdom.
    • This inhibits them from knowing God's wisdom
  6. Who is Cephas?
  7. Who is Erastus?
    • city treasurer
    • went with timothy to gather offering (?i think?)
    • layed pavement in Corinth -- Piazza
  8. What is Paul's "cruciform gospel"?
    • cruciform gospel--content and how he communicated it
    • =counter to how others acted/preached

    his teachings all went back to Jesus dying on the cross and that he died in weakness and humility
  9. Natural man vs. Spiritual man
    • psychikos vs pneumatikos
    • problem at corinth comes from natural man
  10. (1st Cor ch 3) What is the planting and watering imagery?
    the planter and waterer are one

    paul planted and apollos watered.

    paul and apollos are just field hands -- working towards the same goals -- should be no competition

    God is the one who gives the increase!
  11. (1st Cor ch 3) 2 words for temple
    • temple as your body
    • temple as god's church

    3:16 is about destroying gods church
  12. in 1st Cor ch 3 Paul talks about building on the right foundations. what does he mean?
    Paul has prepared foundations based on christ.
  13. (1st cor ch 4) What is Timothys role with the church in Corinth?
    timothy was sent to remind them of Paul's lifestyle and to stress that what Paul thaught in Corinth he taught everywhere else too
  14. in 1st Corinthians what kind of immorality was the church involved in and did Paul spend alot of time on?
    Sexual immorality

    in ch 5 a man has his father's wife
  15. What was the Corinthians attitude towards the sexual immorality happening in 1st Corinthians (esp chapter 5)?
    • they were proud, no doubtedled because he was of high standing and may have been a patron of the church.
    • They were still fellowshipping with him and not repremanding him at all
  16. What was the issue about the Corinthians not caring (even being proud) about the sexual sins in 1st Corinthians (esp ch 5)?
    • real issue not with individual sin but the disregard for communal features.
    • they were proud of this man instead of being full of grief and sending him away and their boasting about humans
  17. What is the yeast and leaven metaphore in 1st Cor ch 5?
    • leaven = symbol of sin
    • OT says a little yeast works through the whole batch of dough as one bad person can ruin the whole church.
  18. What does "porneia" involve?
    sexual immorality, prostitution, homosexuality
  19. What does Paul mean by "hand over to satan"?
    this man must be excluded from the fellowship with the goal of putting to death that part of sinful nature so that on judgement day he will be saved.
  20. What does "pederasty" involve?
    an older man sexually involved with a younger boy
  21. Who was Strabo and what did he say about prostitutes in Corinth?
    Strabo was an historian

    He said there were 1,000 prostitutes in Corinth
  22. What was Aphrodites role in Corinth?
    patron goddesss of corinth

    god of love, virgin
  23. 4 legitimate exceptions to sexual intimacy in marriage (1st Cor ch 7)
    • 1. mutual consent (for a time)
    • 2. to devote to prayer
    • 3. to give yourselves to fasting
    • 4. ??
  24. What are the options if divorce takes place?
    Remain unmarried or be reconciled to your husband/wife
  25. What was Paul’s view concerning the marriage of a believer to a non-believer?
    • if non believer wants to stay, keep them, you could convert them.
    • if non believer wants to leave, let them go
  26. Define eschatology
    the study of end times
  27. What is the relationship between knowledge and love in Paul’s argument?
    • knowledge vs love
    • gnosis vs agape

    "all of us posess knowledge"

    knowledge puffs up but love builds up
  28. Describe the problem with weak believers and paganism
    stronger brothers would be going to the temples to attend feasts to eat the food and weak brother swould see that and think its ok to do that even though for them it wouldnt be because they dont have the knowledge that the idols are nothing.
  29. Discuss the relationship between the weak and the strong in 1st Cor ch 8
    • weak -- newer converts with weaker consciences
    • strong -- christians who know that idols are nothing

    the strong should uphold and not cause the weak to stumble
  30. Give four ways philosophers and teachers supported themselves in the ancient world
    • 1. patrongage
    • 2. work for themselves
    • 3. family is wealthy (theirs or in-laws)
    • 4. ??
  31. What is typology?
    a way of interpreting the OT by correlating events in OT with present day events
  32. Who was the spiritual rock? (in 1st cor ch 10)
  33. What guidelines did Paul give for eating food when invited to a pagan’s house?
    go ahead and eat in unless the host specifically says taht it has been offered to an idol
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