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  1. What is science
    Science is a body of knlwledge, the study of the natural world around us, and a method of gathering information
  2. What is science not very useful or helpful
    Science is not  helpful for questions about religion, emotion, and things that can't be measured.
  3. What are the 7 characteristics of science?
    • tructured way of thinking
    • H uman activity
    • O bservable
    • E xpirimental
    • R epeatable
    • A ssumes the univierse can be ordered
    • P ublic and Verifiable
  4. Three types of scientific research
    Controlled expiriment, Systematic ovservation, and scientific model investigation
  5. Turn "Does smoking cause lung cancer" into a hypothesis
    If you msoke then you will probably get lung cancer because the smoke will ruin your lungs
  6. Null hypothesis for smoking
    If you smoke then you will not get lung cancer
  7. What is a variable
    A variable is something that can be changed
  8. 4 types of variables
    • Manipulated Variable - Intentionally Changed
    • Other Controlled- Other variables that you have controlled
    • Responding Variable- The uncontrollable outcome of changing the manipulated variable
    • Other uncnotrolled- Other variables that aren't controlled (BAD)
  9. 9 phases of scientific method
    • 1. Observer and make infreence
    • 2. Make question
    • 3. Make prediciton that can be tested
    • 4. Make hypothesis.
    • 5. Test hypothesis
    • 6. REcord data and analyze
    • 7. Analyze the expiriment make a conclusion
    • 8. Repeat
    • 9. Communicate results
  10. What is a control group and why is it useful
    The contorl group is where the manipulated variable is not mainpulated. Userful for comparing with the expiriment to compare results and to ensure that your results were not caused by some other uncontrolled varilabe.
  11. What is technology and how is it related to science
    Technology is the application of science to make something that people can use.
  12. What is an inference
    A conclusion drawn from what you know
  13. What is Occam's Razor
    The simpler of to competing theories is better
  14. What did Pthagorus do
    FIrst to utilize scientific hypothesis
  15. What did Aristotle do
    Divised methods to get reliable knowledge from obeservations
  16. What did Ibn Al-Haythem do
    Developed the primitive scientific method
  17. What did Roger Bacon do
    Described a repeating cycle of expirimentaiton
  18. What did Nicholaus Copernicus do
    Created a systematic way of gathering data, challenged tradition with data
  19. What did Galileo do
    Created and practiced the science of dynamics and expiriments
  20. Francis bacon
    Described the method in his literature
  21. Descartes
    Book about method, contributor
  22. Issac Newton
    Essentially finished the development of method. Combined observation, expirimentation, and mathmatical theory much like we do today.
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