History Test

  1. delta
    flat, fan shaped, handmade of silt deposited at the mouth of the river 
  2. Economy
    Way people manage money and resources for the production of goods and services
  3. Empire
    Group of lands and people's ruled by one government 
  4. Expedition
    A group of people who go on a trip for a specific reason 
  5. Hieroglyphics
    Ancient Egyptian system of writing that used symbols to stand for objects, ideas or sounds
  6. Irrigation
    Watering of dry land by means of canals or pipes
  7. Papyrus
    Kind of paper made from papyrus, a reed plant growing along the NileNile
  8. Pharaoh
    Title used by the rulers of ancient Egypt 
  9. Scribe
    A pro writer who kept records and copied letters
  10. Slavery
    The practice of one person owning another person
  11. Silt
    A mixture of tiny bits of soil and rock carried and deposited by a riverriver
  12. Unification
    The joining of separate parts such as kingdoms into one
  13. Upper Egypt
    The southern part of ancient EgyptEgypt
  14. Lower Egypt
    The northern part of ancient EgyptEgypt
  15. Middle Kingdom
  16. Egyptian social pyramid
    P 94
  17. Mummies
  18. Rosetta Stone
    Records many of Ptolemy's deeds
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