CNA Chapter 7 Vocabulary

  1. Aspiration
    the inhalation of food, fluid, or foreign material into the lungs
  2. Atrophy
    weakening or wasting of muscles
  3. Body Mechanics
    the way the parts of the body work together when a person moves
  4. Chemical Restraint
    medications used to cintrol a person's behavior
  5. Combustion
    the process of burning
  6. Cyanosis
    blue or pale skin and/or mucous membranes due to decreased oxygen in the blood
  7. Dysphagia
    difficulty in swallowing
  8. Flammable
    easily ignited and capable of burning quickly
  9. Hoarding
    collecting or putting things away in a guarded manner
  10. Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
    sheet that provides information on the safe use of and hazards of chemicals, as well as emergency steps to take in the event chemicals are splashed, sprayed, or ingested
  11. PASS
    acronym for use of a fire extinguisher; stands for Pull-Aim-Squeeze-Sweep
  12. RACE
    acronym for steps taken during a fire; stands for Remove-Activate-Contain-Extinguish
  13. Restraint
    a physical or chemical way to restrict voluntary movement or behavior
  14. Restraint Alternative
    measures used instead of physical or chemical restraints
  15. Restraint-Free Care
    an environment in which restraints are not kept or used for any reason
  16. Scalds
    burns caused by very hot liquids
  17. Slip Knot
    a quick release knot used to tie restraints
  18. Suffocation
    the stoppage of breathing from lack of oxygen or excess carbon dioxide in the body that may result in unconsciousness or death; also known as asphyxia
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