Muscle Tests, UE random

  1. Egress test
    • determine what type of transfer
    • 1. 1" clearance
    • 2. sit to stand 2x
    • 3. 3 marches in place
    • 4. 3 steps in place
  2. test for supraspinatus tear
    "empty can" test
  3. test of subscapularis tear
    "flipper test"
  4. test for carpal tunnel syndrome
    • Phalen's test:press back of hands together
    • Compression test: extend wrist, press on nerve
  5. Finkelstein test
    • DeQuervain's tenosynovitis
    • cortical fist, deviate ulnarly
  6. Froment's test
    • ulnar n palsy, loss or weak adductor pollicis
    • pull piece of paper through thumb & 1st finger
  7. DASH
    • Disabilities of the arm, shoulder, and hand
    • evaluate ADL tasks
  8. 3 fine-motor dexterity tests
    • 9-hold peg test
    • Jebson (Taylor) hand function test
    • Purdue pegboard test
  9. mutilans deformity
    bone resorption, loose floppy joints, redundant skin
  10. "drop arm" test
    measures rotator cuff tears, esp supraspinatus
  11. Modified Moberg pick-up test
    9-10 objects placed on table, put in small container, then do it while occluding vision
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