1. why is judaism a historic religion
    historic events have determined the birth, the development and the basic beliefs  of the jewish religion
  2. the first jew, founder
  3. the central historical event in judaism
    • Exodus event
    • -Mose, led escape from slavery in egypt
    • -into Sinai Desert
    • -God made convenant with people of israel
    • -shows the type of things god does and wants to do for us
  4. Creeds
    the most distinctive belief in judaism
    God is a god of history
  5. Creed
    what does it mean to say God is a God of history
    • -God is active within history
    • -God is immanent, not just transcendant
    • -truly present in and part of what is going on in the world
  6. Creed

    god of justice
    • -God wants to bring forth a world of greater justice
    • -doesnt tolerate injustice
    • -believe in a better future because god did not just create the world and leave it. yahweh is still active in it
  7. Code

    10 commandments
    • first 3: deal with God
    • -honor God, respect Gods name, keep the sabbath

    • Last 7: call for love and justice toward our neighbor
    • -respect parents, don't kill or commit adultuery, or steal, or lie,¬† or resent your neighbors good fortunes
  8. Code

    why do jews believe the last 7 commandments emphasize love and respect for neighbor
    • -God also depends on us to bring about better future
    • -we are Co-creators in moving history forward toward the Reign of God (a world of love / justice among all people)
  9. Code
    why is judaism considered a religion of law and obedience
    • -the torah is center of religion
    • -emphasize the law because actions are more important than words and beliefs
  10. Ceremony

    Sabbath / Shabat
    -God rested from work of creation on the 7th day

    -jews rest weekly from friday sundown to saturday sundown to reflect on what God has done for them and what they will do for God
  11. Ceremony

    where does ceremony take place and why
    • home
    • -religioin focuses on family and then extends to the wider world
  12. contribution to global responsibility

    optimism and hope - we can rely on god

    human responsiblity - God is relying on us
  13. why do jews believe in hope, that things can be turned around
    • 1. Creation
    • god said creation is good, believe the world is good, good can be rescued from the worst of evil

    • 2. Yahweh (God) continues to act in history
    • we can find strength, wisdom, courage¬† in God
  14. human responsiblity
    • God is relying on us
    • it is our duty to obey the law and contribute to a beautiful world
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