1. founder of buddhism
    Siddhartha Gautama aka Buddha
  2. what does buddha mean
    the enlightened one
  3. where did Siddhartha Gautama become enlightened
    in a period of prolonged meditation under the Bodhi tree (wisdom tree) in north india
  4. why is siddhartha gautama considered buddha
    • he saw things as they really are
    • -he realized how one must live in order to be fully "in sync" with they way things are so that one can truly be at peace.
  5. what is the goal of buddhism
    • nirvana
    • -literal meaning -- blowing out
    • -liberation from suffering
  6. three major forms of Buddhism
    • 1. Theravada - rely on self to reach nirvana
    • 2. Mahayana - compassion for others
    • 3.Vajrayana - speech, visions, gestures
  7. Creed
    four noble truths
    • 1. Life is suffering -- dukka
    • 2. Suffering is caused by desire -  tanha
    • 3. Suffering ends when desire is extinguished
    • end suffering follow 8 fold path
  8. Creed
    what is Dukka & Tanha
    • dukka
    • -suffering, sorrow, disappointment

    • tanha
    • -selfishness, greed
  9. 3 key convictions buddhists try to embody in daily lives
    1. Anicca

    2. Anatta

    • 3. Nirvana
    • interrelated flow
  10. Anicca
    everything that exists is related to everything else and is constantly in a process of change
  11.  Anatta
    • -no self
    • -constantly changing, being apart of other selveswe realize our true identity only when we are sharing / giving to  and receiving from other selves
  12. Nirvana
    blow out ones ignorant, individualistic existence and let oneself live as a part of this constantly changing
  13. Code
    Eigth Fold Path

    • UI - understanding, intention
    • SA - speech, action
    • LE - livelihood, effor
    • MC - mindfulness, concentration
  14. the goal of eight fold path
    to end dukka, suffering
  15. Ceremony

    • discovery of nirvana takes place on a level of feeling, intuiting, sensing and being
    • -aim is to stop the usual flow of thinking
    • -just be, just sit, just be aware
  16. Anthropocentrism
    idea that humans are center of natural world
  17. contribution to global responsiblity

    • interrelationship rather than individualism
    • -no self vision
    • -against anthropocentrism
    • -humans are apart of whole universe
    • -dont come first they come with
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