History Chapter 4

  1. Who wanted to begin a colony in America, but the Queen wouldn't let him go?
    Sir Walter Raleigh
  2. Roanoke is known as ________________________.
    the Lost Colony
  3. Who said, "He who will not work, shall not eat"?
    John Smith
  4. Who was the Pilgrim's minister at Plymouth?
    Elder Brewster
  5. Who visited the English children who were born in America?
    Virginia Dare
  6. The pilgrims chose what soldier to protect them?
    Miles Standish
  7. What Indian was a great help to the English because he knew the English language well?
  8. What Indian chief made a treaty with the Pilgrims and never broke it?
    Chief Massasoit
  9. Who governed Plymouth for nearly 36 years?
    William Bradford
  10. The group of people who came to America because they wanted to separate from England's church?
  11. What year did the Mayflower sail to the New World?
  12. The ship that took 102 passengres to the New World was called...
  13. The group of people on board the Mayflower who did not believe as the Separatists did.
  14. Separatists and Strangers are known as one big group the _____________________.
  15. The Pilgrim leaders met and wrote the _________________ which was the first written agreement for self-government in America.
    Mayflower Compact
  16. The Pilgrims chose to settle in an area called _______________________.
  17. What king wanted to have a successful English colony in the New World?
    King James I
  18. A group of merchants called the _________________________________ sent 101 men and 4 boys to begin a new colony.
    London Company
  19. The London Company sent some men and boys to begin a new colony in what year?
  20. The three ships that sailed to America and began the Jamestown Colony were _________________________________.
    The Susan Constant, the Godspeed, and the Discovery
  21. The first permanent English colony in America was _______________________.
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