Theology_world religion

  1. two basic interests of world religions
    • 1. Relationship with God
    • encounter with God

    • 2. Human behavior
    • how we treat/behave with one another
  2. 3 mechanics of all world religions

    (basic elements)
    Creed, code, Ceremony
  3. Creed (4)
    • actual experience of encounter with God or some ultimate reality
    • -expression that explain the experience
    • -telling the story, narrative, sacred books
    • -key symbols that come out of experience
  4. what is Creed grounded in
    grounded in revelation / religiious faith / in the person
  5. Code    (4)
    • ethical guidlines that guide behavior
    • -how we want to be in relationship with others
    • -way of life
    • -common values
  6. Ceremony   (3)
    • enactments of religious events / experiences
    • -keep alive the main events that the original people experienced
    • -recalling major even in religious/salvation history and living it out in the present
  7. Bertrand Russels 3 basic human encounters (problems)
    • Nature -- Natural Problem
    • Others -- Social Problem
    • Selves -- Psychological Problem
  8. Name the western monotheistic religions

    problem /encounter
    • Judaism
    • Christianity
    • Islam

    natural problem of time space and matter
  9. Name the religions of india and the encounter / problem
    • Hinduism
    • Buddhism

    psychological problem
  10. name religions of china

    problem they accent
    Confucianism, Taosim, Shinto, Buddhism

    social problem of relation to others
  11. what is the focus of the 3 western religions
    • 1. Judaism
    • emphasizes the holiness of God, reflected by the moral demands of the covenant

    • 2. Christianity
    • focuses on the love & mercy of God, seen in Jesus sacrifice of his life for others

    • 3. Islam
    • stresses the power and the mercy of God
  12. why is Judaism a historical religion
    its beliefs and rituals are rooted in the concrete events  that  happened to the people of Israel (jews) in their relationship with God
  13. what are the terms of the covenant between God and Israel
    • God gave Israel the 10 commandments (ethical Code)
    • God would be faithful to His people if they remained faithful to the moral law
  14. What is the central event in Judaism
    • Exodus Event
    • -Moses led the people of Israel (hebrews) from Egypt out of slavery into the Sinai Desert
    • -where the entered into covenant with God
    • -they wandered 40 years before entering into Canaan
  15. Founder of Judaism
    Abraham and sarah
  16. What was Gods covenant with abraham
    • God promised to make abraham the father of a great people in a promised land
    • in return Abraham promised he and his people would worship no other god
  17. torah
    first five books of bible - old testament
  18. what is the relationship of Christianity to Judaism
    christianity arose from Judaism during Roman occupation / oppression

    Jesus was born during this time of suffering around 6 BCE
  19. How does Islam Understand its relationship to Judaism and Christianity
    • -Muslims trace faith back to Abraham, spiritual father of Judaism, Chritianity
    • -Muhammad corrects / fulfills the revelations God gave earlier to the Jewish prophets & Jesus
  20. founder of Islam
    what does his name mean
    Muhammad - "seal of prophets"
  21. 2 divisions of islam

    which represent the majority/minority
    Sunni , Shi'a

    • sunni - majority
    • shiites - minority 10%
  22. what is the source of the division between the sunni and the shia islam
    • Shiites emphazie individual leadership
    • -followers of Ali, muhammads cousin

    Sunni support Caliphate
  23. Quran
    holy book of islam
  24. meaning of Hindu
    people of india
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