Biology test 2

  1. Catabolic
    release energy by breaking down complex molecules into simpler molecules
  2. Anabolic
    • absorb energy
    • builds up larger molecules from smaller ones
  3. exergonic
    energy outward
  4. endergonic
    energy inward
  5. Substrate
    the reactant an enzyme acts on
  6. active site
    a pocket or groove on the surface of an enzyme where the catalyst occurs
  7. enzyme
    a macro molecule
  8. catalyst
    a chemical agent that speeds up a reaction without being consumed by the reaction
  9. Fermentation
    a partial degradation of sugars or other organic that occurs without the use of oxygen
  10. oxidation
    the loss of electrons from one substance
  11. reduction
    the addition of electrons from another substance
  12. equation for Cellular respiration
    C6H12O6+ 6 O2 --> 6 CO2+6 H2O+ATP & heat
  13. equtions for photosynthesis
    6 CO@+12 H2O+light energy-->C6H12O6+ 6 O2+ 6 H2O
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