n305 lower GI

  1. antidiarrheal meds contraindicated when?
    infectious diarrhea. needs to run its course
  2. types of stool tests?
    • stool culture
    • O&P- ova and parasites.
  3. toxic megacolon
    • acutely enlarged colon
    • complication of other intestinal disorders
  4. antidiarrheal meds
    • pepto bismol
    • immodium
    • Lomotil
  5. common meds to cause constipation?
    • opioids, antacids (aluminum-containing), calcium channel blockers
    • *any type of anticholinergic
  6. insufficiency of __ & __ causes constipation?
    fluid and fiber
  7. hard stool, straining, hemmorhoids, thrombosed anal veins
    symptoms of constipation
  8. bearing down does what CV-wise?
    slows down HR.  may cause cardiac arrest
  9. drug therapy for constipation?
  10. IBS has no ______ component!
  11. appendix in what quadrant?
    RLQ (tail of the cecum)
  12. Blumberg's sign?
    rebound tenderness
  13. pain of appendicitis?
    begins as periumbilical pain, shifts to RLQ.  localized tenderness
  14. McBurney's point
    RLQ pain. exactly where appendix is
  15. psosas sign
    increased pain when legs are extended.  pt will usually curl into ball
  16. perforation can lead to
  17. abscess formation
    body is walling off to protect itself from the infection/inflammation
  18. CBC results for appendicitis?
    • elevated WBC
    • "shift to the left" - bandemia
  19. bandemia ("left shift")
    higher concentration of bands (immature WBCs) - sign of infection
  20. peritonitis S/S
    abd pain, shallow respirations, fever, distention, N/V
  21. difference between IBS and IBD
    IBS has NO inflammatory factors
  22. inflammatory bowel diseases?
    • autoimmune diseases
    • genetic and environmental factors
  23. ulcerative colitis location where?
    from anus to colon.
  24. chron's disease location where?
    anywhere from anus to mouth
  25. severe, constant abdominal pain is a sign of what?
    peritonitis, acute perforation
  26. S/S of ulcerative colitis?
    bloody diarrhea, lower abd cramping, increased output, increased bleeding, systemic symptoms

    worry for F/E imbalance, anemia
  27. intestinal complications of ulcerative colitis?
    • hemorrhage, strictures, perf, toxic megacolon
    • ^ risk for colon cancer
  28. systemic complications of ulcerative colitis?
    joints, skin (psoriasis), mouth, eyes, malabsorption, gallstones, kidney stones, liver disease, osteoporosis
  29. S/S of liver disease?
    jaundice, ascites, weight loss, weakness
  30. mesalamine
    oral agent to decrease inflammation
  31. corticosteroids (ulcerative colitis)
    • decrease inflammation
    • used during flares
  32. anticholinergic agents
    "dry you up"
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