*X ray Safety and Protecting

  1. Half Value Layer "HLV"
    Thickness of a material needed to attenuate the xray intensity by 50%
  2. Law of Bergonie' and Tribondeau
    radiosensitivity related to younger, more undifferentiated cells with high metabolic activity.
  3. According to the Law of Bergonie' and Tribondeau what are radiosensitive cells?
    lymphoid tissue, marrow, gonads
  4. According to the Law of Bergonie' and Tribondeau what are radioresistant cells? 
    brain, spinal cord, muscle
  5. Roentgen
    unit of exposure to ionizing radiation
  6. REM
    Roentgen Equivalent in Man
  7. RAD
    Radiation Absorbed Dose
  8. What is the most important means of radiological protection? 
  9. How does collimation protect?
    decreases the size of the beam, decreases exposure, increases contrast, decrease scatter radiation and penumbra
  10. What is dosimetry?
    radiation detection devices e.g. badges
  11. What is the most common reason for radiological retakes?
    motion, darkroom/processing errors
  12. What is the 10 day rule?
    Safest period to take an x-ray on a female. 10 days following the onset of menses. (10 days after bleeding).
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*X ray Safety and Protecting