biology test

  1. 7 property forms
    order, reproductoon, growth and development, energy processing, responjce to enviroment, regulation, and evolution adaption
  2. order
  3. growth and development
    aging (rcocodile out of egg)
  4. reproduction
    giving babies (penguins)
  5. energy process
    how it gets its energy (eating, photosythesis)
  6. responce to enviroment
    how you use the enviroment in your benefit
  7. regulation
    maintaining homeostacis
  8. evolutionary adaptation
    adapting to your benefit for survival
  9. life hiearchy
    biosphere-ecosystem (forest)-community (all oganisims)- population (specific oranisms)- organism
  10. prokaryote
    no nucleus, had dna, first cells
  11. eukaryote
    organelles and nucleus
  12. 3 domains
    bacteria, archae, and the eukarya
  13. discovery vs.hypothesis based
    hypothesis is proposed explapation for a set of observations. discovery is observations
  14. inductive reasoning
    collecting and analyzing observations can lead to conclusions based on a type of logic
  15. deductive reasoning
    logic flows from general premises to specific results and they should be true
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