1. Norwegian, Northwest passage 1903, South Pole 1911, one month ahead of Scott
    Roald Amundsen
  2. Spanish, 1st european to see the pacific ocean
    Vasco Balboa
  3. Discovered Alaska, namesake strait and sea
    Vitus Bering
  4. British sailor, commanded the "Bounty". His men mutinied on return from Tahiti
    William Bligh
  5. 1st to fly over North Pole and 1st to fly over south pole
    Richard Byrd
  6. Made Cumberland Gap trail in 1767, One of the first to explore Kentucky
    Daniel Boone
  7. Discovered Newfoundland
    John Cabot
  8. Portuguese, discovered Brazil
    Pedro Cabral
  9. 1st European to sail up the St. Lawrence River
    Jacques Cartier
  10. Discovered Hawaii, first to cross Antarctic circle
    James Cook
  11. Conquered Aztec empire in 1519
    Hernando Cortez
  12. Discovered the Mississippi River
    Hernando De Soto
  13. 1st european to round the cape of good hope, in 1488
    Bartholomew Diaz
  14. 1st european to sail to India
    Vasco Da Gama
  15. Led the Kon Tiki expedition, crossed Pacific on Balsa raft in 1947. Led Ra Expedition in 1969-70, crossed Atlantic in a papyrus boat
    Thor Heyerdahl
  16. Discovered namesake bay and river 1609
    Henry Hudson
  17. Discovered Victoria Falls
    David Livingstone
  18. Portuguese, 1st to circumnavigate earth
    Ferdinand Magellan
  19. Reach North Pole in 1909
    Admiral Robert Peary
  20. Conquered Incan Empire in Peru (1524)
    Fransisco Pizarro
  21. Traveled to China in mid-1200s
    Marco Polo
  22. Italian exxplorer, discovered Amazon river, two namesake continents
    Amerigo Vespucci
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