ANSC 310

  1. *What does Starlings law state?
    • When the rate at which blood returns to the heart changes, the heart will adjust its output to match  the change in inflow
    • (ie as more blood is returned to the heart, the amount of blood pumped to the body per contraction per ventricle (stoke V) increases)
  2. ** What is poiseuilles equation?
    on paper
  3. What are the layers of the heart and its wall?
    • 1. Fibrous pericordium (attaches to diaphragm and vessels of the heart)
    • -pericardian cavity (filled with serous fluid)-
    • 2. Serous pericordium (double membrane: outer parietal, inner visceral)
  4. What are the three wall layers?
    • 1. Epicarolium- outer layer
    • 2. Myolardium- muscle layer
    • 3. Enolocardium- inner layer
  5. What are the four chambers of the heart?
    R atrium, L atrium, R ventricle, L ventricle (bigger thicker walls)
  6. What is polycythimia versa?
    more than normal production of red blood cells
  7. What are the hearts four valves?
    • 2 atrio ventricular valves (AV): pulmonary semilunar, right tricuspid and left tricuspid
    • 2 semilunar valves: aortic (semilunar valve)
  8. What are the processes of electricity conduction in the heart?
    • 1. SA (simoatril)
    • 2. AV (ventricular)
    • 3. Purkimjy fibers Left and Right
    • 4. Papillary muscle
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