Art History (6-32)

  1. What field does Art History sometimes over lap with
    • Aesthetics: Inquiry into nature and beauty. 
    • Art Criticism
  2. What is Art Criticism
    explanation of events to the general public via the press
  3. In what two ways is art generally analyzed in
    Formal Analysis and Contextual Analysis
  4. What is Formal Analysis
    focus on the visual qualities of the art work
  5. What is Contextual Analysis
    Looking outside the art work to find a meaning
  6. Why is direct examination of art work ideal? What makes sculpture difficult to anaylize in photo. 
    Much is lost in reproduction. In the case of sculpture scale and quality is not captured in photography and photos can lack transition from lights to darks
  7. In what centry did art history arise in
  8. Which ancient Roman sought to analyze historical art? In what piece did he do this
    Pliny the Elder in Natural History
  9. Which rennaissance author/artist recorded biographies of artist. In what text was this done?
    Giorgio Vasari in his text The Lives of the Italian Artist
  10. What are consiered the oldest forms of art?
    Chauvet Cave paintings in southeastern France
  11. What time range do the Chauvet Cave paintings date from
    30,000 B.C.E. (old stone age)
  12. What was used in the Chauvet Cave paintings
    Minimal use of yellow and red orche and black charcoal
  13. Which other two areas have seen famous cave paintings What caves
    other parts of France and Spain; Lascauz and Altamira caves
  14. What is a well known group of art from the Old Stone Age other than cave paintings
    small stone female figures with exaggerated breasts, bellies and pubic areas.
  15. What is the most famous women figure from the old stone age
    Venus of Willendof 
  16. Which art piece is most associated with the new stone age
  17. where is Stonehenge located
    Salisbury Plain in Whitshire England
  18. What is the outermost ring of Stonehenge, what is the innre ring
    Huge Sarsen Stones and the inner being Bluestones
  19. What direction does the "heel sone" of Stonehenge face
    Sun rise on the mid summer solstice
  20. What was the first important group of Mesopotamia
    4000 B.C.E was teh Sumerians
  21. What art forms were the Sumerians known for
    Massive temples and large stepped pyramids known as Ziggurats
  22. Which group took control from the Sumerians
    Te rule of Sargon of Akkhad. The Akkadians
  23. What was the next known group of Mesopotamia after the Akkadians
    The Babylonians built around king Hammurabi... we all know about his codes
  24. Which art piece of the Babylonians is held in Lourve Museum
    stone stele whicch has Hammurabi's codes engraved on them
  25. Which group dominated Northern Mesopotamia as the Sumerians, Akkadians and Babylonians took the south
    The Assyrians 
  26. What art work were the Assyrians known for
    relief carvings depicting battles or hunts
  27. Persian art flourished in present day ________. What was the Persians most impressive architectual achievement
    Iran. Persepolis
  28. What 3 cultures were precursors to Greek art
    Cycladic, Minoan and Mycenaean
  29. Who were the Cycladic
    Earliest of the pre-Greek cultures of the Aegean islands they focused on geometric nude figures 
  30. Who were the Minoan 
    Predecessors of the Cycladic culture, they are believed to have taken over. Center on the city of Knossos on Crede the idea of the Minotaur originates here.
  31. The fall of the Minoan culture coincides with the pinnacle of which other culture? Describe them
    Mycenaean, centered around Mycenae they built elaborate tombs and allowed for large numbers of objects to be buried
  32. What is Corinthian style
    Set of figures against floral, ornamented backgrounds
  33. Where is the best known Greek art found
    From the city of Athens from teh Classical Period
  34. How were temples built during the early classical period
    With simple doric columns
  35. What was the Classical period characterized by
    Solemnity, strength, and simplicity
  36. What pose did Greek Statuary create, what is it?
    Contropposto which is opening the body to advantage. Firgure stands with weight shifted to one foot for more relaxed, natural look
  37. What temple is indentified in the Middle Classical Period? Which civilization destroyed it?
    Parthenon destroyed by the Persians in 480 B.C.E.
  38. How were Temples built during the Late Classical Period in Athens
    Still using doric columns, the introduction to Corinthian columns was bein used too
  39. What is the Hellenstic Period (331-23 B.C.E) characterized by? Give two art examples
    Infleunce of Eastern art (Asian). Two notable works are Venus de Milo and Laocoon Group
  40. What is the Etruscan Art period characterized by
    Transition from Greece art to Roman they rose in modern day Italy. Known for tomb decoration and mastery of Clay and Bronze work
  41. What did early Roman art resemble? What about after the second century
    Early art resembled Etruscan art, but later art resembled Greek
  42. What was Roman culture held responsible for discovering? How did it change architecture
    Equivalent to modern cement which lead to a material sturdy enough for domed buildings
  43. What did the Romans pioneer
    Curved Archs and Aqueducts
  44. What two buildings can still be seen in Rome?
    Collosseum adn Pantheon
  45. What art work is eastern art most known for
  46. In Christian art, it's content can best be viewed and studied where?
    Churchs of Ravenna  in present day italy
  47. What is the Byzantines most notable architecture work
    Hagia Sophia in Constantinople
  48. Why was art only focued on by Noble and the Church in the medieval times
    Population was illiterate and educations was reserved
  49. What two manuscripts are noticed as examples of medieval art
    Books of Kells and Coronation Gospels
  50. How did the art of Vikings transition to Englsih and Celtic Ireland? What did it come to be known as
    Viking invasion with sculpture and carvings in ships. The style was termed Hiberno-Saxon
  51. What form of art became dominant in late medieval art
  52. How were Romanesque churches known for
    tunneled arches called barrell vaults (vaults: arch used as ceiling of support to roof)
  53. What is a characteristic of Gothic style? What is Gothic style charged with innovating
    Pointed arches. Development of the flying butress to relieve the stress of large ribbed vaults
  54. Who was Lorezno Ghiberti?
    Winner of a 1400 competition held in Florence for design of doors he won. he created doors of classical Greece style depicting the sacrafices of Isaac. He was commissioned for a second set which took 25 years to complete. Michaelangelo reffered to the second set as "Gates to Paradise"
  55. Who was Filippo Brunelleschi?
    Second place in the 1400 Florence competition he created the dome of an uncompleted church creating a double shelled dome design. He was credited with creation of linear (single vanashing point) perspectives
  56. Give a description of Donatello
    Rennaissance artist considered to be the founder of modern sculpture. Towards the end of his life he was known for naturalism and expression of character
  57. What is Donatello's most known sculpture
    David, first known for freestanding nude figure
  58. Which artist was known for the painting of The Birth of Venus. What does this piece show
    Botticelli. Shows a long necked venus wth flowing hair, one of the first nude female paintings 
  59. Which two artists are the models for the term "Rennaissance Man"
    Leonardo da Vinci and Michaelangelo
  60. What is da Vinci known for?
    A great inventor he designed the locks for control of water levels and models of submarines nad helicopters. 
  61. What are da Vinci's two most famous paintings? What style did he create
    The Last Supper and Mona Lisa. He created the Sfumato style (fumo meaning smoke in Italian) sublte blending 
  62. What statue is Micahelangelo known for ?
    His difficult to complete because of a crack in the marble depiction of David
  63. Who commissioned Michaelangelo to design his tomb? What three pieces did Micaelangelo create for this purpose
    Pope Julius II. Moses, The Dying Slave and The Bound Slave
  64. What did Pope Julius II come back to Michaelangelo to do
    The Sistien Chapel
  65. Who was the most influencial painter of the High Renaissance period
    Raphael Sanzio who was brought to Rome for commission for Julius II. He learned much from Micaelangelo 
  66. What is considered Raphael's master work
    Sistine Madonna (Image of teh Virgin Mary)
  67. Which painter is credited with leaving the norm and making the subject of a painting the envirnment and not a person? Which piece is an example of this
    Giorgione. The Tempest
  68. Which Venetian painter is linked with Mannerism? What is Mannerism
    Tinoretto. Mannerism: distortion of elements like scale and use of acidic colors and twisted position of subjects
  69. Tinoretto was known for using _________ which is dramatic contrasts of dark and light
  70. Which artist is known for the counter reform period
    Dominikos Theotokopoulos or El Greco
  71. What makes nothern renaisance art more detailed than southern
    Oil Painting
  72. Which are the two great renaissance artist of northern europe
    Matthias Grunewald and Albretch Durer
  73. What is Grunewald known for? what pieces
    Depiction of christian scenes. Isenhem Alterpiece, his greatest materpiece
  74. What as Durer known for 
    Naturalistic ideals and his painting of The Four Horseman of teh Apocalypse
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