Unit 3

  1. advocate
    to speak in favor of; to defend
  2. anticipate
    to expect; to realize beforehand
  3. circumscribe
    to limit; to restrict
  4. circumstance
    one of the conditions that determines a course of action
  5. collective
    of or pertaining to a group
  6. concensus
    general agreement; collective opinion
  7. depreciate
    to decrease in value
  8. dispute
    argument; debate
  9. enable
    to make possible
  10. encompass
    to shut in all around; to surround or encircle
  11. irony
    occurrence or result that is the opposite of what might be expected
  12. militant
    vigorous or agressive in support or promotion of a cause
  13. morality
    set of ideas about right and wrong
  14. perpetuate
    to cause to continue or be remembered for a long time
  15. prominant
    widely known; immediately noticeable
  16. satire
    literary work in which wit is used to expose foolishness or wickedness
  17. stereotype
    a fixed idea or popular conception
  18. unity
    the state of being one; singleness
  19. urgency
    pressing importance
  20. virtue
    the quality of moral excellence; a particular beneficial quality
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