Unit 2

  1. assuage
    to ease; to calm
  2. brandish
    to wave menacingly
  3. cynical
    scornful of the motives of others
  4. demoralize
    to weaken the spirit of
  5. despair
    lack of hope
  6. dignify
    to add to the prestigue of
  7. engulf
    to overwhelm; to surround totally
  8. ennoble
    to add to the honor of; to dignify
  9. grotesque
    strange; distorted
  10. impede
    to block; to obstruct the way of
  11. inert
    unable to move or act
  12. magnificent
    outstanding; lavish
  13. menace
    threat; annoying person
  14. minimize
    to reduce to the smallest possible amount; to lessen
  15. misconception
    incorrect understanding
  16. overtake
    to take by surprise; to catch up with
  17. profound
    absolute; far reaching
  18. sheepishly
    in an embarrassed way
  19. splendor
    brilliance; magnificence
  20. staid
    serious or reserved in behavior
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