1. Maintain face
    Prevent loss of face. Others can help us maintain face by providing support, etc.
  2. Failure event
    Failing at a task and potentially causing loss of face.

    An instance of failure to fulfill an obligation or expectation.
  3. Apology
    A statement in which the person admits a failure event, accepts responsibility, and expresses regret.

    A type of account.
  4. Relational needs
    The needs we satisfy when we manage our relationships.
  5. Half-truths
    Deception by leaving out information or modifying the quality of the message to lessen the impact/reaction.
  6. Indivisible goals
    Goals only one party can attain.
  7. Diversions
    Deception that changes the focus of the communication to another topic to avoid discussing the issue at hand.
  8. Concealment
    Deception through the holding back of information so that the other person reaches erroneous conclusions.
  9. Opposing goals
    Goals that prevent each other from being attained.
  10. Silence
    Providing no account to a reproach.
  11. Misunderstandings
    Instances in which a hearer's inability to comprehend a message results in confusion, failure events, conflict, or inorrect responses.
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