Midterm prep

  1. Define androcentrism
    The practise of having or regarding man or the male sex as central or primary. Women's experiences or concerns are invisible.
  2. Provide an example of androcentrism
    —™ —research only studies male subjects
  3. Define Binarie Opposition (bipolarity)
    • refer to a practice that runs through western thought of arranging conceptual/ theoretical systems in opposed, contrasting pairs
    • the contrast is meant to condem one side and to celebrate the other
  4. Provide an example for binaries (bipolarity)
    • A characterization on comparing something. For example one who practices binary opposition believes somethign could only be understood in contrast 
    • the idea is that good could ONLY be understood by contrasting it with bad
    • light with dark
    • male with female
  5. define Biological essentialism/determinism
    • essence of a person is rooted in their biology
    • personality and characteristics are caused by something internal to the body
    • biology determines, or causes, the traits desired
  6. Provide an example of biological essentialism
    • women are naturally maternal because of their hormones
    • black people are genetically made to run faster
  7. define consciousness-raising
    • a method to develop feminist theory and polictical action from sharing of personal experiences
    • a group of people come together and share experiences.

    The purpose is to analyze structures of male domination on the basis of their strories and to carry out poitical action imlied by the analyses
  8. Pedagogy, feminist
    • the process of knowledge production based on feminist theory and principles
    • a broad set of principles, commitments and approches
  9. example of a feminist pedagogy
    aim to provide students with educational experiences and outcomes that are quite different from mainstream education
  10. The gaze
    In feminist theory, it is the act of viewing cultural products such as film, advertising, and visual arts from a MALE PERSPECTIVE, hence a masculine gaze
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