Hebrew names of God

  1. El Sali
    The God of My Strength
  2. Jehovah Tsidkenu
    The Lord our Righteousness
  3. Jehovah MeKaddish Kem
    The Lord our Sanctifier
  4. Jehovah Shammah
    The Lord is present
  5. Jehovah Sabaoth
    The Lord of Hosts
  6. Jehovah Elohim
    The Eternal Creator
  7. Jehovah Jirah
    The Lord our Provider
  8. El Shaddai
    The who is sufficient for all our needs
  9. Jehovah Shammah
    The Lord is present
  10. El Gibbor
    The Mighty God
  11. Immanuel
    God with us
  12. Jehovah Ropheka
    The Lord our Healer
  13. Jehovah Shalom
    The Lord our Peace
  14. El Elyon
    The Lord Most High
  15. El Olam
    The Everlasting God
  16. Jehovah Hoseenu
    The Lord our Maker
  17. El Roi
    The God who sees me
  18. El Emet
    The God of Truth
  19. El Echad
    The One God
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Hebrew names of God
Hebrew names of God