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  1. Ophthalmology
    science of the eyes
  2. Pharmacology, Pharmacological
    the science dealing with the preparation, uses, and especially the effects of the drugs.
  3. Homeostasis, homeostatic
    the tendency of a system, especially the physiological system of higher animals, to maintain internal stability, owing to the coordinated response of its parts to any situation or stimulus that would tend to disturb its normal condition or function
  4. Hyperstate
    lowering state
  5. Hypostate
    heightening effect
  6. Erroneously
    containing error, mistaken, incorrect, wrong.
  7. Crude
    a raw or unprepared state; unrefined or natural
  8. Constituent
    serving to compose or make up a thing; component
  9. Decoction
    water in which a crude vegetable drug has been boiled and which therefore contains the constituents or principles of the substance soluble in boiling water.
  10. Contractile
    capable of contracting or causing contraction.
  11. Vascular
    biology, anatomy of, relating to, or having vessels that conduct and circulate liquids
  12. Debility
    a weakened or enfeebled state; weakness.
  13. Convalescence
    the gradual recovery of health and strength after illness.
  14. Uterine
    of or pertaining to the uterus or womb.
  15. Defunct
    • 1. no longer in effect or use; not operating or functioning
    • 2. no longer in existence; dead, extinct.
  16. Dichotomy
    • 1. division into two parts, kinds etc.
    • 2. (botany) mode of branching by constant forking e.g.. stem, veins, leaves.
    • 3. division into two mutually exclusive, opposed or contradictory groups.
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HM1-L1Terms and meanings of words (Autosaved).txt
HM1-L1Terms and meanings of words