S4M2 pharm

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  1. ribavarin
    • inhibitor of viral capping
    • always given with INF-alpha
    • HCV, RSV, viral pneumonia
  2. INF alpha
    • dec viral rep and inc IR
    • activate JAK-STAT ic signalling
    • HBC, HCV
  3. Lamivudine
    • NRTI
    • HBV
    • a/e: lactic acidosis, steatorrhea and nephrotox
  4. Entecavir
    • Nucleotide analog
    • HBV (no food) **greatest efficacy of antiviral agts
    • inhibition of vRT
  5. Adefovir
    • NT analogue = vRT inhibitor
    • HBV, HIV, herpes (least likely to induce seroconversion)
    • nephrotox, lactic acidosis, fatty liver
  6. Telbivudine
    • thymine NS analogue= vRT competative inhibiton
    • HBV
    • high viral res and rebound can occur after cessation
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