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  1. to do something wrong or illegal and not get caught or found out 
    to get away with something

    If I thought I could get away with it, I wouldn't pay any tax at all.
  2. to agree with someone (usually used in the negative) 
    to see eye to eye

    They don't always see eye to eye on politics but they're still great friends
  3. disagree with someone
    no love lost

    They used to be best friends but they had a huge fight about money. Now there's no love lost between them
  4.  to very strongly dislike someone 
    hate someone's guts

    They fell out and now she hates his guts
  5. two people talk about a problem they have been avoiding discussing
    to clear the air

    I had a massive argument with Sue, but at least it has cleared the air
  6.  to stop fighting or quarrelling
    to bury the hatchet

    After years of arguing about politics with my dad, we finally decided tobury the hatchet
  7. to try to improve a relationship after there have been problems
    to patch up something

    Jackie and Bill are still trying to patch up their marriage.

    Did you manage to patch things up with Jackie after your row?
  8. in good times and bad times
    through thick and thin

    My brother has stuck with me through thick and thin
  9. If someone helps you when you are having a problem that means s/he is a true friend(idiom)
    A friend in need is a friend indeed
  10. to put someone in a very difficult situation in which they have no choice about what they do
    to have someone over a barrel (idiom)

    She knows I need the work so she's got me over a barrel in terms of what she pays me.

    • During the negotiations the opposing faction had us over a barrel.
  11. deceitful
  12. a lottery
    a raffle
  13. to take 30 minutes
    to last 30 minutes
  14.  to wait, often when on the telephone
    to hang on

    Can you hang on a moment
  15. to depend on
    to count on 

    I can count on my parents
  16. to reveal a secret, for example a surprise party
    Let on about something.

    No-one let on about the party, so she was really surprised
  17.  to leave the ground (usually an aeroplane)
    to take off
  18. to go to an airport or station and say goodbye to someone who is leaving
    to see off

    I was a bit sad because no-one came to see me off when I left the country.
  19. to cancel something
    to call sth off

    They called offthe cricket match because of the hurricane.
  20. to annoy or bother someone
    to hassle someone (informal)
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