Softline Exam part 3

  1. P + P = P
    • Part + Panels = Pieces
    • Pieces + Pieces = Products
  2. Preliminary Assembly
    Serging Raw Edges, Attaching Labels, Adding Decorative Details, Applying reinforcements, Partial zippers,
  3. Different types of Zipper Applications
    • Slot Zippers
    • Lapped Zippers
    • Fly Zippers
    • Invisable zipper
  4. Advantages of French Fly
    Found on high Quality, Has a tab or extention on the underlap which button to the inside of the pants near waist. Provides additional support to keep front of pants smooth and flat
  5. Types of pockets
    • Patch Pockets
    • Inseam Pocket
    • Slash Pocket
  6. Elastic applications
    • Applied elastic
    • Elastic casing
  7. Rivets
    Circular metal reinforcements ised on pocket corners or seams
  8. Tacks
    Consist of several adjacent or overlapping zig zag stitches
  9. Bar Tacks
    consist of close zig zag stitches
  10. Stringer
    Zipper tape with elements (teeth) Attached from which lengths are cut for each zipper
  11. Slot Zipper
    Exposed zipper or folded seam edges on boths sides to cover zipper
  12. Lapped Zippers
    One folded seam that conceals the zipper
  13. Fly Zippers
    Overlaps - Jeans
  14. invisable zipper
  15. notches
    Small slits or wedges cut into the seam allowance -- To match points during assembly
  16. Collar types
    • Single Ply
    • One Piece
    • Two Piece
    • Three Piece
  17. Sleeve Types
    • Set-in
    • Raglan
    • Kimono
  18. Set-in (one Peice and Two piece)
    • One Piece - Sets into the armhole at shoulder
    • two piece - has an extra piece under the arm
  19. Kimono SLeeves
    one hole piece
  20. Raglan Sleeves
    Shapes the sleece to shoulder and neckline
  21. Open band cuffs
    Requires placket that usually is button closed
  22. Close band cuffs
    made of ribbed fabric- stretch
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