lab 1 definitions

  1. basically a long strand of protein that has been produced, and secreted by the cell into the surrounding area.
  2.  fills all of the area around the cells
    intercellular material or matrix
  3. a thin layer of extracellular material composed of glycoproteins, collagen, and reticular fibers, which attaches the epithelial cells to the underlying tissues. The ______ then is a good indication of where epithelial tissue ends and underlying tissues begin
    basement membrane
  4. The side of the epithelial celladjacent to or closest to the basement membrane is called the
     basal surface
  5. The side of the epithelial cell farthest from the basement membrane is called the
    apical surface
  6. To prevent separation there is a specialized connection betweenadjacent cardiac muscle cells called _____.________ are aspecialized connection between adjacent cell membranes that keeps the cells from pulling apart and allow them to function as a unit.
    intercalated discs
  7.  (not touching other cells)
     free surfaces
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