Dental 100 Chapter 2

  1. Abraham Maslow
    considered the founder of a movement called humanistic psycology
  2. Encoding
    the use of signs, symbols, interpersonal communication, or language used in sending the message
  3. kinesthetic channel
    touch, feel, hold, handle,
  4. psychology
    the science of the mind and of the reasons people think and act as they do
  5. communication prosses begins with
    the sender
  6. much time students spend talking
  7. how much of communication is verbal?
  8. paradigm
    life experiences that comprise personal belief systems
  9. communication
    act of passing along information, transmitting an idea
  10. maslows hierarchy of deeds
    humanistic psychology, self-actualization
  11. Sender
    shapes and idea
  12. Message
    stimuli produced by the sender in written, verbal, or nonverbal form
  13. Channel
    communication medium in which message is sent
  14. Receiver
    takes the massage and must make some sense of what the sender transmitted in the message
  15. Feedback
     formulated response, after decoding
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Dental 100 Chapter 2
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