Dental100 chapter 1

  1. Ala of nose
    the with of the nose of outer edge of the nostril
  2. Dr. G.V. Black
    • the grand old man of dentristry
    • an inventor of numerous machines for testing alloys
    • and inventor of numerous instruments for refine the cavity prep.
  3. Dental Public Health
    works in community to promote dental health
  4. Endodontics
    deals with diagnosis and treatment of disease of pulp and periapical tissues
  5. oral and Maillofcial Surgery
    diagnosis and surgical treatment of oral and maxillofacial region
  6. Orthodontics
    guidence and correction of malocclusion in dental facial structures
  7. Pediatric Dentistry
    children's dentistry
  8. Periodontics
    diagnosis and reatment of the disease of the supporting and surrounding tissues of the tooth
  9. prosthodontics
  10. forensic dentistry
  11. dental hygienist
  12. dental lab tech
  13. dental assistant
  14. edmund kells
  15. DANB
    • Dental Assisting National Board
    • indie org that accredits dental assistants
  16. CDA
    • Certified Dental Assistant
    • a dental assistand that's been approved by DANB
  17. Dental Receptionist
  18. ADAA
    American Dental Assistants Association
  19. ADA
    American Dental Association
  20. Juliette Southard
    founder of ADAA
  21. Dr. Robert Tanner Freeman
  22. Lucy Beeman Hobbs-Taylor
  23. Robert Woofendale
    considered one of the founders of professional dentistry in the US.
  24. Chapin Harris
    helped to establish the first national association oto represent the dental profession
  25. Abraham Maslow
    American psychologist that is considered the founder of a movement called Hamuanistic psychology and also studied and identified human needs
  26. Hippocrates
    Father of dentistry
  27. de Chauliac
    wrote hygienic rules for hygiene
  28. Leonardo da Vinci
    First to make distinction between premolar and molar
  29. Pierre Fauchard
    early adcocate of treatment for diseased gingical tissue
  30. Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen
    discovered x-rays
  31. Paul Revere
    Silversmith who made surgical instuments and advertised as a dentist
  32. Robert Woofendale
    one of the first dentists to arrive in colonies from England
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