English Vocab #4

  1. servile
    submissive; like a servant
  2. suppressed
    subdued; kept from being circulated
  3. embellish
    to make beautiful by ornamenting; to decorate
  4. florid
    describing flowery or elaborate speech
  5. opulent
    exhibiting a display of great wealth
  6. ornate
    elaborately decorated
  7. ostentatious
    describing a showy or pretentious display
  8. poignant
    profoundly moving; touching
  9. ebullience
    intense enthusiasm
  10. effusive
    emotionally unrestrained; gushy
  11. egregious
    conspicuously bad or offensive
  12. flagrant
    extremely or deliberately shocking or noticeable
  13. frenetic
    wildly excited or active
  14. gratuitous
    given freely; unearned; unwarranted
  15. superfluous
    extra; unnecessary
  16. alleviate
    to ease a pain or burden
  17. asylum
    a place for retreat and security
  18. auspicious
    favorable; promising
  19. benevolent
    well-meaning; generous
  20. benign
    kind and gentle
  21. mollify
    to calm or sooth
  22. reclamation
    the act of making something useful again
  23. sanction
    to give official authorization or approval
  24. dubious
    doubtful; of unlikely authenticity
  25. fabricated
    made; concocted to deceive
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