English Vocab #2

  1. exculpate
    to free from guilt or blame
  2. impartial
    not in favor of one side or the other, unbiased
  3. incontrovertible
    not able to be denied or disputed
  4. integrity
    trustworthiness; completeness
  5. objectivity
    treating facts without influence from personal feelings or prejudices
  6. penitent
    expressing remorse for one's misdeeds
  7. plausible
    seemingly valid or acceptable; credible
  8. substantiated
    supported with proof or evidence; verified
  9. vindicated
    freed from blame
  10. condescending
    treating people as weak or inferior
  11. contemptuous
    feeling hatred; scornful
  12. despotic
    exercising absolute power; tyrannical
  13. dictatorial
    domineering; oppressively overbearing
  14. disdain
    • (n.) contempt, scorn
    • (v.) to regard or treat with contempt; to look down at
  15. haughty
    arrogant; vainly proud
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