Series 24 Reporting

  1. TRACE
    • Corp bond rpts ONLY
    • Both Buyer and seller report
    • w/in 15min
  2. OATS
    • Time Stamped Order
    • 1x for entry
    • 1x for execution
  3. Market Maker Reporting
    • No pay from issuers
    • Rpt Trades every 30 secs
    • Daily Volume
    • Short Position - Bi-Monthly
  4. ACES
    • Handles both market and limit orders in NASDAQ securities
    • Key: MMs can maintain a limit order file for order entry firms
    • Auto-reports to ACT
  5. ACT (Automated Confirmation Transaction)
    • Operated by NASDAQ
    • provides last sale info to the public
    • provides clearance and settlement functions to ACT participants
    • Transactions reported within 90 secs or are reported with .SLD modifier (late)
  6. TRACS
    • Alternative Display Facility (ADF)
    • reported NASDAQ quotes from unlinked ECNs not participating in Single Book
  7. CQS
    • Consolidated Quote System
    • NYSE quote reporting system
    • 30 seconds
  8. Consolidated Tape
    • reports last sale information on any listed equity security regardless of market
    • must be made within 90 seconds
  9. FQCS
    The Firm Quote Compliance System (FQCS) was designed to deal with member complaints regarding backing away
  10. TRF
    • Trade Reporting Facility
    • NASDAQ stocks
    • Third Market stocks
    • then funnels them to ACT
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Series 24 Reporting
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