chapter 5 continue

  1. regression
    reversion to an earlier mental or behavioral level

    • childlike state
    • making excuses for not doing a certain thing

    replacing can't with wont

    I'd like to get better grades but I can't find time to study
  2. repression
    unwanted desires or impulses are excluded from the consciousness and left to operate in the unconscious

    I should phone my brother since we fought but I just can't deal with that now
  3. apathy
    lack of feeling emotion interest or concern

    I dont care what grade I got on the test I am not going to pass the class anyway
  4. displacement
    redirection of an emotion or impulse form its original object and idea or person to another object

    I have enough problems at work I don't need to come home to a nagging wife
  5. denial
    a psychological defense mechanism in which a person avoids confronting a personal problem or dying the existence of the problem

    my husband can't have cancer he is completly healthy
  6. physical avoidance
    some events are so painful that a person may completley avoid any representation of the event

    I will never go to that restaurant again because thats where my ex-husband told me he wanted a divorce
  7. projection
    attribution of one's own ideas feelings attitudes to other people ro to objects to externalization of blame guilt or reponsibility against anxiety

    everyone else is late so why am I getting reprimanded for it
  8. self-boundaries
    rule book for personal actions
  9. the avoider
    avoiders refuse to fight
  10. the pseudoaccommodator
    refuse to face up to a conflict either by giving in or by pretending nothing is wrong
  11. the guilt-maker
    instead of saying straight outh that they do not want or do not approve of somthing they try to make their partners feel responsible for causing pain
  12. subject changer
    shifting the conversation whenever it approaches an aea of conflict
  13. contrat tyrannizer
    do not allow their relationships to change from the way they once were
  14. kitchen sink fighter
    they bring up things that are totally of subject as in everything
  15. withholder
    holding something back
  16. benedict arnold
    get bact at their partners by sabotage by failing to defen them attacker and by encouraging ridicule
  17. maslow's hierarchy of needs
    top of triangle

    • self-actualization
    • esteem and recognition
    • love and belonging
    • safety and security
    • physiologic needs: oxygen food water
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chapter 5 continue
chapter 5 continue