1. Child airway compared to an adult
    • The back of the head if larger in a child, so head positioning requires more care.
    • The tongue is propartionately larger and more anterior in the mouth
    • A floppy Ushaped epiglottis that is larger than adults, relative to the size of the airway
    • The treachea is smaller in diameter and more flexible
    • The airway itself is lower and narrower
  2. Heart rate for a preschooler (age 3-6)
  3. Infants respiratory rate>?
  4. In the growth of development what stage way resist from being seperated?
  5. The most common cause of dehydration?
    Vomiting and diarrhea
  6. What signs would indicate meningitis?
    Fever and Change in LOC's
  7. What happens due to the child head being larger then an adults, during a deceleration injury?
    Because the childs head is proportionately larger than an adult, it exerts greater stress on the neck structures during a deceleration injury
  8. When vihicles slow down at the moment of impact, the bumper dips slighty, causing The point of impact With the child to be lower, depending on The hight of the child and position of the bumper. What injuries can be expected?
    Children often sustain high-energy injuries to the head, spine, abdomen, pelvis or legs. (Ribs and sternum are softer)
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