1. trzymać się (np. zasad)
    adhere to

    If you refuse to adhere to the rules of the club, you may be expelled.
  2. dążyć do czegoś / być skierowanym na coś
    aim at

    Most of his books are aimed at teenager readers.
  3. odpowiadać niegrzecznie, pyskować
    answer back

    How dare you answer back like that?!
  4. ręczyć za
    answer for

    I can answer for her qualifications in the field.
  5. odpowiadać za coś, ponosić odpowiedzialność
    answer for sb/sth

    You can't make me answer for his mistakes. That's unfair!
  6. pytać o kogoś, dopytywać się
    ask after sb

    He seems to be really interested - he keeps asking after you.
  7. zaprosić kogoś (do kina,restauracji)
    ask out

    You behave like a moron! Ask her out and then you will know if she likes you or not!
  8. łączyć /wiązać coś zczymś
    associate with

    It's ridiculous to associate happiness with full bank account...
  9. wycofywać się
    back out

    Make them sign the agreement so that they would not back out from the project.
  10. popierać, potwierdzać
    back sb/sth up

    Will you back me up if I present the alternative solution to the problem?
  11. liczyć na coś
    bank on

    Tom is very disapointed as he banked on the pay rise and finally he didn't get it.
  12. poszukiwać, gonić, ścigać
    be after

    John is after a job in marketing.
  13. być stworzonym dla kogoś/siebie
    be made for

    Mary and Paul seem to be made for each other.
  14. pobić kogoś/ poturbować
    beat sb up

    He was dragged out of the car and beaten up by the street gang.
  15. pochylić się
    bend down

    Johnny! Bend down and do your shoelaces.
  16. wtapiać się
    blend in/into

    Chameleons can blend in with their surroundings.
  17. rządzić / dyrygować kimś
    boss about / around

    I hate when somebody wants to boss me around!
  18. wyłamać się
    break away

    He wanted to break away from the traditional image of an artist and always wore suits in his studio.
  19. zepsuć się
    break down

    They got caught quite easily as their runaway car broke down after few miles.
  20. załamywać się, kończyć się niepowodzeniem
    break down

    The discussion broke down because nobody wanted to accept any compromise.
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