Pediatric Lectures

  1. Define ATNR & normal age of response ?
    • Asymmetrical Tonic Neck Reflex 
    • 0-6months
    • Stimulation: Turning the Head
    •                    Face side             =extension of the limbs
    •                    Back of the head= Flexion of the limb
  2. Define TLR and normal age of response is . . .
    • Tonic Labyrinthine Reflex
    • 0-6 months
    • Stimulation: head of position
    •                      SUPINE: Flexion of the extremities
    •                      PRONE:  Extension of extremities
  3. Define STNR & age of response is . . . .
    • Symmetrical Tonic Neck Reflex
    • 6-8 Months
    • Stimulation: Neck position against gravity
    •                      Flexion of  the head->  UE flexion LE extension
    •                      Extension of the head-> UE in extension LE flexion
  4. Define Galant Reflex and age response is. . . .
    • Stimulation: Touching the skin from shoulder to hip, lateral flexion of the trunk.
    • 30-weeks gestation-2 months
  5. Define Palmar Reflex and age response
    • Stimulation: Pressure on the palm closing fist
    • Birth-4 months
  6. Define Plantar Reflex and age response
    • Stimulation: Touch the base of the foot and grasping of the feet
    • 20wks gestation-9 months
  7. Define Rooting Reflex and age response
    Stimulation: Touching one side of the cheek and turning to that side with opening of the mouth

    28wks of gestation-3 months
  8. Define the Startled Reflex and age of response
    Stimulation: Loud noise, arms ABduction, elbow flexion with the hands close

    28wks-5 months
  9. Define Moro reflex and age response
    Stimulation: Rapid head extension, arms ABduction with fingers OPEN for a BRIEF second then arms crosses over chest

    28wks-5 months
  10. Define Postive support and age response is . . . 
    stimulation: When weight bearing (standing) Legs become stiff and straighten out

    35wks-2 months
  11. Define Stepping Reflex  and age of response . . . .
    Stimulation: When weight bearing (Standing) legs start stepping or running.

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