1. Kowtow
    To be overly polite and flattering
  2. Labyrinthine
    Complicated, perplexing and mazelike
  3. Lambert
    Softly, bright and flickering
  4. Libation
    a beverage; archapu: the act of pouring out a liquid as a religious offering.
  5. Lineage
    Descent in a direct line from an ancestor
  6. Loquacious
    Given to excessive talking
  7. Ludicrous
    Laughable because of obvisous absurdity 
  8. Lugubrious
    Exaggeratedly or affectedly mournful
  9. Luminary
    One who is notable in a particular field
  10. Maelstrom
    A powerful whirlpool, turnoil
  11. Manacle
    A handcuff; a restraint
  12. Mausoleum
    A large, elabrate tomb
  13. Languid
    Drooping and slugish
  14. Masticate
    To chew: to soften by crushing
  15. Melliflous
    Smoothly flowing; sweet
  16. Metamorphosis
    A transformation; a marked alteration
  17. Mcrolith
    single large stone, often in the form of a column or monument
  18. Nadir
    The lowest point
  19. Nocturnal
    Pertaining to the night: active at night
  20. Nodule
    a small lump
  21. Obdurate
    Land, unmoved by persuation
  22. Obsequions
    Fawning; servile
  23. Opulent
    Demonstrating great wealth: extravagent
  24. Ostracize
    To swing back and forth
  25. Ostracize
    To exclude from a group; to banish
  26. Cuation
    Enthusiasticdisplay of approval: applause
  27. Panorama
    A wide, unbroken view
  28. Paraphernalia
    Personal belongings; equiptment
  29. Pariah
    an outcast
  30. Parochial
    Relating to a church perrah; limited in scope
  31. Pilfer
    To steal insignificant items
  32. Pinion
    To restrain by holding the hands back
  33. Pinnacle
    The highest point; a spire
  34. Plummet
    To fall or plunge straight downward
  35. Pogrom
    An organized persecution or messacre
  36. Polyglot
    Using several languages
  37. Posh
    Elegant, fashionable
  38. Potable
    Fit to drink
  39. Precarious
    Dangerous, risky; dependant on chance
  40. Progeny
    Offspring, descendants
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