Thelogy_Chapter One

  1. Describe the theological understanding of mystery

    how can human beings come to know God

    God is infinitely knowable.

    therefore the quest for knowledge never ceases

    God communicates through the natural world

    God reveals Godself through all creation, both human/non human
  2. List three ways in which god has revealed Godself to human beings
    • God reveals Godself to human beings
    • in creation,
    • in human experience,
    • and in Jesus Christ
  3. explain how God reveals himself in Creation
    • God is the source of all creation
    • therefore all creation is a self expression of God
    • they are a reflection of Godself
    • Analogy of Being
  4. Analogy of Being
    • fromt the attributes found in creatures we are led to a knowledge of the attributes of God
    • it enables us to express our understanding of God in words and images drawn from the natural world despite the fact that God exceeds anything that we can say or imagine
  5. how does god reveal godself in Human Experience
    God reveals Godself as personal, relational and purposeful
  6. how does God relate to us in Human Experience
    • God relates to us in various ways
    • as mother, father, brother, lover , friend
  7. how do we experience a relationship with God

    in Human Experience
    we experience a relationship with God through prayer, worship and communities of Faith
  8. how do we experience purpose in human experience
    we experience purpose through our freedom, vision, compassion, courage and the like
  9. how does God reveal Godself in Jesus Christ
    • Jesus Christ allowed human beings to encounter the living God in the flesh
    • He served as a model for loving, compassionate human relationship with God and others
  10. in the life, teaching, and ministry of Jesus of Nazareth, what understanding and promises of God were revealed
    • the understanding of the personal nature of God deepend
    • and the promise of a personal realtionship with God intensified
  11. In the person of Jesus the Christ, God communicates Godself as
    • Hope to those who suffer
    • Promise to those who wait
    • Forgiveness to those who sin
    • Compassion for those oppressed
    • Providence for those who are poor
  12. what is monotheism
    What is the main difference between the monotheism of Judaism and Christianity
    monotheism is the belief in one God

    • the main difference is the doctrine of Trinity.
    • Christians view God as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit
  13. to speak of God as trinity is to affirm that
    • God exists in community
    • eternal life of God is personal life in relationship
    • the life of God is self giving love
  14. what are the attributes of God as trinity
    • God is inclusive, not self centered
    • God is hospitable, not self serving
    • God is near, not distant
    • God is engaged in initimate realtionship with all creation
  15. Human in the image and likeness of God

    How does the trinity serve as a model for human relationships with God, one another and with creation
    • the relationships that the Trinity inspires are characterized¬† the equality, unity and love in the image of God.
    • the community should communicate open and honestly
    • embrace all persons, celebrate diversity, do not isolate anyone
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