Softlines Chapt 8

  1. 3 different types of labels
    • Printed
    • Pre Printed
    • Woven
  2. Do snaps or hook and eye closures withstand more stress?
    Hook and eye
  3. Advantages of zippers versus buttons
    • Better for flat areas of the garment
    • Used for close fitting garments
    • Cheaper than buttons and buttonhole construction
  4. Advantages of continuous element zipper
    • No sharp edges
    • Will not snag fabric or skin
    • Lighter and more flexible
  5. Lining
    Inside of a coat
  6. interfacing
    dress shirt collar
  7. interlining
  8. underlining
    exact replica of garment
  9. Advantages of fusible interfacing
    • Slightly Stiffer
    • Fabric very stable
    • Provides a flatter shape
    • do not tear of roll
  10. Characteristics of high quality lining
    • Lightweight and non-bulky
    • resistant to staining
    • static free
    • hides inner garment construction
  11. Findings
    all garment components except body fabric (trioms, labels, threads, elastic, zippers, buttons, suppport fabrics, and other closures)
  12. Trims
    Decorative materials that adorn the garment (ribbon, lace, appliques, sequins)
  13. Differential shrinkages
    Difference in shrinkages in excess of 2% amoung garment parts. (can cause puckering, ripple look)
  14. Lignes
    The size of a button
  15. Shank
    Has a stem or plastic metal, or cloth built into the button
  16. Frog
    Highly decorative button/loop closure (made with coiled cord or braid)
  17. Toggle
    Decorative button/loop closure sewn to the face of coats and jackets
  18. Strike-through
    Adhesive from fusible interfacing that leaks through the fashion fabric
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