strength, support, unchanging, dependability, ethics, that which is absolute, that which is unwavering, efficiency, permanency, diligence, promptness, regularity, eternity, endlessness, unchangeableness, achievement, alignment, assurance, continuity, certainty, constancy, availability, stability, trustworthiness, fulfillment, enforcement, authority, organization, fatherhood, effectiveness, fixedness, equality, conviction, excellence, steadfastness, reliability, regulation, security, compensation, accomplishment, advancement, punctuality, guidance, growth, discipline, progress, commitment, fairness, dominion, justice, salvation, force, operation, demonstration, structure, foundation, causation, government, order, law
    endurance, empathy, omnipotence, steadfastness, intuition, liberty, effortlessness, efficiency, permanency, illumination, exhilaration, effervescence, gusto, exuberance, incorporeality, openness, willingness, appreciation, eagerness, interest, lightheartedness, conscientiousness, diligence, atmosphere, resolve, renewal, zest, spunk, goodness, inspiration, spirituality, mightiness, satisfaction, resourcefulness, omnipresence, naturalness, solidarity, unity, oneness, positiveness, energy, radiance, independence, carefulness, intuition, thoroughness, unfoldment, perseverance, spontaneity, enthusiasm, gratitude, light, dominion, power, presence, freedom, substance
  3. MIND
    memory, receptiveness, inventiveness, observance, limitlessness, consciousness, receptivity, resourcefulness, comprehension, expectation, anticipation, insightfulness, restfulness, soundness, adherence, coherence, awareness, endurance, practicality, productivity, resilience, transcendence, enlightenment, motivation, capability, discretion, discernment, concentration, penetration, decisiveness, humility, clarity, innovation, interpretation, fluency, hearing, sight, wit, genius, hindsight, insight, foresight, direction, omniscience, reason, fearlessness, prudence, confidence, alertness, perception, understanding, wisdom, intelligence
  4. SOUL
    uprightness, perfection, graciousness, blamelessness, boldness, quietude, composure, equanimity, symmetry, compatibility, uniqueness, serenity, stillness, refinement, sinlessness, sweetness, calmness, freshness, tranquility, ingenuity, originality, agility, elasticity, timing, rhythm, expression, eloquence, improvisation, design, form, color, artistry, nobility, cleanliness, poise, purity, agelessness, creativity, control, courage, flexibility, strength, morality, grace, inspiration, innocence, intuition, balance, beauty, holiness, harmony, immortality, reflection, humor, hope, peace, joy, spiritual sense, individuality, identity
  5. LIFE
    accomplishment, renewal, energy, immortality, interactivity, perpetuity, permanence, indelibleness, zeal, pep, go, zip, discovery, immensity, bountiful, endeavor, existence, inclusivity, mobility, ability, omniaction, infinity, enterprise, expansion, exploration, performance, unfoldment, abundance, movement, readiness, animation, vivaciousness, buoyancy, now, function, health, seamlessness, effortlessness, persistence, wholeness, tenacity, agelessness, timelessness, playfulness, sprightliness, evergreen, everpresent, inorganic, bounce, action, motion, liveliness, eternity, activity, being
  6. TRUTH
    clearness, freedom, trustworthiness, perfection, triumph, directness, uprightness, decency, flawlessness, straightforwardness, fitness, wellness, intactness, magnificence, grandeur, splendor, affirmativeness, infallibility, frankness, veracity, validity, candor, exactness, rightness, faultless, dependability, genuine, correctness, authenticity, affluence, fidelity, precision, actuality, verity, certainty, accuracy, victory, regeneration, righteousness, wholeness, health, permanence, sanctuary, revelation, liberty, sincerity, Christliness, virtue, majesty, honor, integrity, glory, honesty, reality
  7. LOVE
    might, universality, endurance, tenderness, inexhaustibility, unification, impartiality, infinity, attentiveness, self-possession, thoughtfulness, courtesy, compassion, motherhood, empathy, charity, bliss, correction, provision, liberation, protection, friendliness, devotion, contentment, inoffensiveness, harmlessness, service, tolerance, omnipresence, gentleness, affection, consideration, responsiveness, respectfulness, politeness, cooperation, faithfulness, moderation, mildness, modesty, meekness, humility, mercy, loyalty, generosity, obedience, patience, forgiveness, unselfishness, goodness, kindness
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Seven synonyms from Mary Baker Eddy's book "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures