Electricity 10

  1. what is a radiation dosimeter?
    • a small devic that detects and measures exposure to radiation
    • eg used by astronauts and people who work with radioactive materials
  2. What is Electricity?
    A form of energy that results from the interaction of charged particles, such as electrons or protons.
  3. What is static charge/static electricity?
    • an electric cahrge that tends to stay on the surface of an object, rather than flowing away quickly
    • eg. rubbing feet on floor, charge on body until you touch another object
  4. What is charging by friction?
    • a process in which objects made from different materials rub against each other, producing a net static charge on each
    • eg. sock and shirt in dryer
  5. what is an electrostatic series?
    a lost of materials that have been arranged according to their ability to hold onto electrons. weakest ability at top Image Upload 1
  6. what is an insulator?
    • a material in which electrons cannot move easily from one atom to another
    • eg. wood
  7. what is a conductor?
    • a material in which electrons can move easily between atoms
    • eg. metals
  8. what is a semiconductor?
    • a material in which electrons can move fairly well between atoms 
    • eg. silicon
  9. what is ground?
     an object that can supply a very large number of electrons to, or can remove a very large number of electrons from, a charged object, thus neutralizing the object
  10. what is an electroscope?
    • a device for detecting the presence of an electric charge
    • eg. meatl leaf electroscope, pith ball electroscope
  11. what is charging by contact?
    • generating a charge on  a neutral object by touching it with a charged object
    • eg. contact with a negatively charged object gives a neutral pith ball a negative charge
  12. what are the laws of electric charges?
    • laws that describe how two objects interact electrically when both charged
    •  <-- +     +--> and     <--  -  -  -->
    • +--><--   -
    • + --> <--() and ()--><--   -
  13. what is an electric field?
    • a property of the space around a charged object, where the effect of its charge can be felt by other objects
  14. what is induced charge separation?
    • the movement of electrons in a substance, caused by the electric field of a nearby charged object, without direct contact between the substance and the object 
    • (see textbook page 415 for detailed diagram)
  15. what is an ion?
    • a charged atom or group of atoms
    • ie.formed in the process of lightning
  16. what is a lightning rod?
    a metal sphere or point, attatched to the highest point of a building and connected to the ground

    •   |
    • (  )
    •   |
    •   |
    • ___
  17. what is an electrostatic precipitator?
    • a type of cleaner that removes unwanted particles and liquid droplets from a flow of gas 
    • Image Upload 2
  18. what is a van de graff generator?
    • a device that accumulated very large charges
    • Image Upload 3
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