Mid-term 105

  1. An uninteded consequense of the bail reform act of 1984 is?
    An increase of the detendion of defendants charged with non-violent crimes.
  2. Most jail in the United States are?
    Housing less than 50 inmates.
  3. A new generation jail makes_____ of inmates possible
  4. According to recent data on jail population in the U.S?
    Blacks encarcerated is 6 times highher than that of whites.
  5. A preliminary hearing deals w/all but one the following.
    Explaining possible sentence
  6. In the criminal justice of Japan?
    There is no pleabargain.
  7. All but one of the following are variables a court routinely considers when deciding when inmates are release?
    The ability to post bail
  8. Most jails in the U.S. are of this type?
  9. The first major event that led to prison reform movement of the 28 century was the?
    The black assize 
  10. Dorothy Dick's following her survey of American prison in the 1840 came to the conclusion that?
    Pensylvania system was superior to Auburn system
  11. Folkways Alaman Reformatory has its modern day?
  12. This system of encarceration was a forerunner of move recent indetrement sartesing
  13. Prior to Lambrusco public study of criminal man this school of felony (peloni) dominated American practices.
  14. The first state to adopt sexual sycopath statues was?
  15. The Auburn system was based on the rule of?
  16. The reformatory idea in Americas correction was significatly influenced by?
    Resolutions of National prison association
  17. which of the following is accurate in respect to the increase in prison population?
    Drug offeders
  18. Admissions of offenders for new crimes has recently?
    Increased (for drug offences)
  19. What are consequences of the federal sentencing guidelines w/respect to female offences is that sentencing for women 
    Continues to reveal in paternalistic bias
  20. The largest category of female admission to prison is?
    Drug offences
  21. In co-corection institutions?
    Homosexuality amongs men decreases
  22. A report of ___for progressive system indicates that women inmates?
    Are far more difficult to manage
  23. In a 19 century in the Virginia appelate court decision the bill of rights is set to?
    Applies only to free men.
  24. Prior to the Warren court Judicial responce fell in the _______ period
    Hands off period
  25. The supreme court has said that search of inmate cells?
    cannot be considered unreasonable
  26. Who was the first American probation officer?
    John Agustus
  27. The Mineapolis experiment of 85 demostrated that a mandatory arrest policy hope for deter effect?
  28. A sentence that is grocely out of porportion w/or to the crime violates the 8th amendment?
  29. Prisons are open institutions?
  30. Issues of fact can often result in a defender appeal being heard
  31. Melvil judges handed down severy penalties for DUI offenders?
  32. In the case of McCleskey vs Kemp, McCleskeys death sentence was ruled cruel and unjust
  33. Prior to prison rights, prisoners were considered slaves of the state?
  34. The graduate tier system can be likened to the Irish Panel system?
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