1. IP Convergence
    Access any service, anywhere using any device
  2. SAE
    System Architecture Evolution
  3. eUTRAN
    evolved UMTA Terrestrial Radio Access Network
  4. ePC
    evolved Packet Core
  5. IMS
    IP Multimedia Subsystem: Services Network
  6. EPS
    Evolved Packet System: eUTRAN and EPC combined make the Access Network
  7. UE
    User Equipment
  8. eNB
    evolved NodeB: Radio Access Management (RNC functionality)
  9. MME
    Mobility Management Entity: Session and Mobility management, Inter-technology handovers
  10. GBR and Non-GBR
    Guaranteed Bit Rate and Non-Guranteed Bit Rate determines what type of bearer is used for various Appications

    • GBR - VOIP
    • Non-GBR - IMS Signaling
  11. SGW
    Serving Gateway: Bearer Data Forwarding from UE to PGW
  12. PGW
    PDN (Packet Data Network) Gateway: IP Allocation, Data Rate Enforcement and UE default router
  13. HSS
    Home Subscriber Server: Subscriber info
  14. PCRF
    Policy Charge Rule Function: Laison between IMS (Services Network) and LTE EPS (Access Network)
  15. S1-U
    defines user plane between eNB and SGW
  16. S1-MME
    signaling between MME and eNodeB
  17. S11
    used by MME to control bearer establishment and path switching in the SGW and PGW
  18. S5
    establishes user plane for bearer traffic from SGW to PGW for Home Subscribers
  19. S8
    establishes user plane for bearer traffic from SGW to PGW for Roamers
  20. X2
    eNodeB Handoff
  21. S6A
    used by MME to retrieve subscriber data from the HSS
  22. Gx
    used by PCRF for policy enforcement and to retrieve traffic flow data
  23. SGi
    PGW connection to the Internet
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