Spanish 3 Verbs

  1. abordar
    to board
  2. abrazar (se)
    to hug
  3. abrir
    to open
  4. aburrir
    to be bored
  5. acabar
    to have just 
  6. acampar
    to camp
  7. acostar (se) 
    to go to bed
  8. afeitar (se)
    to shave
  9. almorzar
    to eat lunch
  10. alquilar
    to rent
  11. amar
    to love
  12. andar
    to walk;move
  13. anunciar
    to announce
  14. apagar
    to turn off (apagar la luz)
  15. aprender
    to learn
  16. aplaudir
    to clap
  17. arreglar (se)
    to get ready
  18. arrestar
    to arrest
  19. asar
    to roast (pollo asado)
  20. asistir
    to attend 
  21. atender
    to pay attention / to help out
  22. ayudar
    to help
  23. bailar
    to dance
  24. bajar
    to descend (go down)
  25. bañar (se)
    to bathe
  26. batir
    to beat up or shut; whisk
  27. beber
    to drink
  28. besar (se)
    to kiss
  29. buscear
    to scuba dive
  30. buscar
    to look for/ search
  31. caer
    to fall
  32. calentar
    to warm/ to heat
  33. cambiar
    to change or exchange
  34. caminar
    to walk
  35. cantar
    to sing
  36. capturar
    to capture
  37. casar (se)
    to marry; wed
  38. celebrar
    to celebrate
  39. cepillar (se)
    to brush (hair or teeth)
  40. cerrar
    to lock; close 
  41. charlar
    to chat
  42. chocar
    to collide; crash
  43. cobrar
    to cash; change ($) to collect... to earn (be paid)
  44. cocinar
    to cook
  45. coleccionar
    to collect
  46. comenzar
    to begin(commence!)
  47. comer
    to eat
  48. compartir
    to share
  49. competir
    to compete
  50. comprar
    to buy
  51. comprender
    to understand (same as entender? be careful)
  52. conducir
    to drive; steer
  53. confirmar
    to confirm
  54. conocer
    to know; be familiar with a person place idea or object
  55. conseguir
    to get; find (like to follow something and finally catch up to it!)
  56. conservar
    to conserve; keep
  57. construir
    to build
  58. contar
    to tell; count
  59. contestar
    to answer
  60. correr
    to run
  61. cortar
    to cut
  62. costar
    to cost (¿cuanto cuesta?) or to cost (took us 6 hours to get here - nos costó seis horas llegar
  63. crear
    to create
  64. creer
    to believe; think ( i dont think so... yo no creo, creo que no)
  65. cruzar
    to cross
  66. cuidar
    to take care of; to care for
  67. cumplir
    to fulfill; carry on (cumplir años)
  68. dar
    to give
  69. deber
    should; ought to
  70. decidir
    to decide
  71. decir
    to say
  72. decorar
    to decorate
  73. defender
    to defend; uphold (a fortresss?!)
  74. dejar
    to leave (behind) not salir!abandon
  75. descansar
    to rest
  76. despertar (se)
    • to wake up (desperate not to wake ip, go back to sleep :( - 
    • )
  77. destruir
    to destroy
  78. devolver
    to give back ... return (object)
  79. dibujar
    to draw
  80. discutir
    to discuss; argue
  81. disfrutar
    to enjoy
  82. divertir (se)
    to have fun
  83. doblar
    to turn; to fold
  84. doler
    to hurt; ache
  85. dormir (se)
    to sleep
  86. duchar (se)
    to take a shower
  87. dudar
    to hesitate (dude. wait.)
  88. durar
    to last
  89. echar
    to throw
  90. eliminar
    to eliminate
  91. empezar
    to begin
  92. enamorar (se)
    to adore (like amor... but less)
  93. encantar
    to delight
  94. encender
    to light (fire or un fuego) (encender la luz)
  95. encontrar
    to find
  96. ensayar
    to rehearse
  97. enseñar
    to teach (seniors/elders teach stuff)
  98. entender
    to understand
  99. entrar
    to enter
  100. entregar
    to turn in
  101. entenar(se)
    to train
  102. entrevistar
    to interview
  103. enviar
    to send (like envelope!)
  104. escapar
    to escape
  105. escoger
    to choose
  106. esconder
    to hide
  107. escribir
    to write
  108. escuchar
    to listen (to)
  109. esperar
    to wait (for)
  110. esquíar
    to ski
  111. estar
    to be
  112. estudiar
    to study
  113. examinar
    to test (like an exam)
  114. explicar
    to explain
  115. facturar
    to check in
  116. faltar
    to lack; be missing
  117. fascinar
    to fascinate
  118. felicitar
    to congratulate
  119. freír
    to fry (with i stem change)
  120. ganar
    to win
  121. gastar
    to spend
  122. grabar
    to record
  123. graduarse
    to graduate
  124. gritar
    to shout/yell
  125. gustar
    to like (be pleasing to)
  126. hablar
    to talk/speak
  127. hacer
    to make/ to do
  128. hervir
    to boil 
  129. importar
    to be important
  130. interesar
    to interest
  131. investirar
    to investigate
  132. insistir
    to insist
  133. invitar
    to invite
  134. ir
    to go
  135. jugar
    to play
  136. juntarse
    to get together
  137. lastimar (se)
    to hurt (oneself)
  138.  lavar (se)
    to wash (oneself)
  139. leer
    to read
  140. levantar
    to raise; to lift
  141. levantarse
    to get up
  142. limpiar
    to clean
  143. llamar
    to call
  144. llegar
    to arrive
  145. llevar
  146. llorar
    to cry
  147. llover
    to rain (dont get confused w llorar!)
  148. luchar
    to struggle
  149. mandar
  150. mantener
    to keep;maintain (like to have.. but to keep having)
  151. maquillar(se)
    to put on makeup
  152. matar
    to kill
  153. mejorar
    to improve
  154. mentur
    to lie
  155. mezclar
    to mix
  156. mirar
    to watch;look
  157. molestar
    to bother;annoy
  158. montar
    to ride;put up
  159. morir
    to die (different then to kill!)
  160. mover
    to move
  161. nacer
    to be born (to make but with an n! ha...)
  162. nadar
    to swim
  163. navegar
    to sail (navigate boat)
  164. necesitar
    to need
  165. nevar (ie)
    to snow
  166. obedecer
    to obey
  167. observar
    to observe
  168. ocurrir
    to occur
  169. ofrecer
    to offer
  170. oír
    to hear;listen
  171. olvidar
    to forget
  172. pagar
    to pay
  173. parar
    to stand (up)  (... like a parade. theyre standing)
  174. parecer
    to seem
  175. participar
    to participate
  176. pasar
    to happen; pass; experience; come in
  177. pasear
    to go for a walk
  178. patinar
    to skate
  179. pedir
    to ask for; order
  180. peinar (se)
    to comb (one's) hair
  181. pelar
    to peel
  182. pelear
    to fight
  183. pensar
    to think, plan
  184. pensar + infinitive
    to think + infinitive (?) idk
  185. perder
    to lose;miss
  186. perdonar
    to forgive (perdoname-forgive me)
  187. permitir
    to allow
  188. pescar
    to fish
  189. picar
    to sting (tooth picks are sharp..)
  190. pintar (se)
    to paint (your nails)
  191. planear
    to plan (must plan to get on a plane)
  192. poder
    to be able to; can
  193. poner (se)
    to put (on); place
  194. practicar
    to practice
  195. preferir
    to prefer
  196. preparar
    to prepare
  197. prestar
    to lend
  198. probar
    to taste
  199. pobarse
    to try on
  200. prohibir
    to prohibit
  201. proteger
    to protect (different from defender!) (Protego!)
  202. quedar
    to fit (me quedo bien)
  203. quedarse
    to stay in
  204. quemar
    to burn
  205. querer
    to want (quiero)
  206. quitar
    to take away
  207. recetar
    to prescribe
  208. recicar
    to recycle.. duh
  209. recoger
    to pick up; to gather
  210. recomendar
    to recommend
  211. recordar
    to remember (not to record! thats grabar..)
  212. reducir
    to reduce
  213. regalar
    to give (a gift) like un regalo- a gift
  214. regartear
    to bargain
  215. registrar
    to write down; to record
  216. regresar
    to come back/ to return
  217. reír
    to laugh
  218. repetir
    to repeat
  219. rescatar
    to rescue
  220. resolver
    to solve
  221. respetar
    to respect
  222. resultar
    to stand out
  223. reunirse
    to get together (LIKE but not the same as juntarse)
  224. romper
    to break
  225. saber
    to know (a fact)
  226. sacar
    to take out (sacan los libros-take out the books)
  227. salir
    to leave; go out
  228. saltar
    to jump
  229. saludar
    to greet (salutations)
  230. secar(se)
    to dry oneself
  231. seguir
    to follow
  232. sentir
    to feel; be sorry (lo siento)
  233. separar
    to seperate
  234. ser
    to be
  235. servir
    to serve
  236. sonreír
    to smile (like laughing! kinda..)
  237. subir
    to go up
  238. sugerir
    to suggest
  239. tener
    to have
  240. terminar
    to end (you're terminated.. you're finished)
  241. tirar
    to throw (out); pull
  242. tocar
    to play (instruments); touch
  243. tomar
    to take 
  244. torcerse
    to turn
  245. trabajar
    to work
  246. traer
    to bring
  247. tratar 
    to treat 
  248. tropezar
    to trip
  249. usar
    to use
  250. utilizar
    to use
  251. vender
    to sell
  252. venir
    to come
  253. ver
    to see
  254. vestir(se)
    to get dressed
  255. viajar
    to travel
  256. visitir
    to visit
  257. vivir
    to live
  258. volver
    to return, turn go back(person)
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