terminology 5678ch

  1. outer skin layer
  2. epidermis consists
    • stratum corneum
    • basal layer
  3. basal layer cells
    melanocytes (pigment melanin)
  4. generic term for male hormone
  5. small duct
  6. tolerable levels of the body
  7. pouch of skin in the male that consist testicles
  8. formation of complex substances
  9. beneath epidermis
    • dermis (corium) living tissue
    • hair folicles. subaceous (oil) gland, sudroriferous (sweat)
  10. binds dermis to underlying structures
    subcutaneous layer
  11. dermis glands
    • secrete ouside the body
    • sudoriferous- to cool body, get rid of waste, moisten
    • subaceous-secrete sebum, destroys harmful organisms on the skin
  12. hair
    • hair shaft
    • hair follicle
    • papilla (loop of vapillaries)
    • melinocyrtes (pigment)
  13. nails
    • nail root (composed of keratinized stratified squamous epithelial cells)
    • nail bed (nail statys attached to)
    • nail body
    • lanula (half-moon-shaped)
  14. skin function
    • defense against pathogens
    • cutaneous blood vessel constrict to regulate body temp
    • absorbs vitamin D
    • stores adipose - for energy
    • pleasurable sensation
    • stretches-growth of fetus
    • excretin waste
    • receptors
    • hair filters air for respiration
  15. fat (2)
    • adip/o  adiposis
    • lip/o lipocele (hernia containing fat)
  16. skin 4
    • steat/o         steatitis (infl. of fatty tissue)
    • cutane/o        sub/cutane/ous (pertaining to beneath the skin
    • dermat/o        dermat/o/plasty (surg. repair of the skin)
    • derm/o           hypo/derm/ic (pr.t. under the skin)
  17. sweat 2
    • hidr/o     hidr/adentis (infl. of sweat glands)\
    • sudor/o      sudor/esis (profuse sweating)
  18. dry, scaly
    ichthy/o     ichthy/osis (abn. cond. of scaly skin)
  19. horny tissue, hard, cornea
    kerat/o       kerat/osis (abn. cond. horny tissue)
  20. black
    melan/o     melon/ema (black tumor)
  21. fungus
    myc/o    dermat/o/myc/osis (fungal infection of the skin)
  22. nail 2
    onuch/o     onych/o/malacia ( softening of the nails)

    unku/o    ungu/al (p.t. nails)
  23. hair 2
    pil/o      pil/o/nid/al (p.t. hair in a nest)

    trich/o    trich/o/pathy( disease involving hair)
  24. hardening
    scler/o    scler/o/derma
  25. sebum, sebaceous
    seb/o     seb/o/rrhea (discharge of sebum)
  26. scale
    squam/o    squam/ous(p.t. skales)
  27. foreign, strange
    xen/o    xen/o/graft  (skin transplantation from foreigh donor)
  28. dry
    xer/o     xer/o/dema (dry skin)
  29. cell
    -cyte       lip/o/cyte
  30. skin suff.
    -derma      py/o/derma (pus in the skin)
  31. specialist in the study
    -logist      dermat/o/logist
  32. cold
    cry/o      cry/o/therapy (treatment with cold)
  33. with, wothout
    an-    an/hidr/osis (abn. condition of absence of sweat)
  34. through
    dia-   dia/phoresis (excessive sweating)
  35. above
    epi-    epi/derm/is (p.t. above the skin)
  36. same
    homo-     homo/graft (transplantation of tissue between same species)
  37. excessive
    hyper-    hyper/hidr/osis (profuse sweating)
  38. under, below
    sub-    sub/ungu/al (p.t. beneath the nail)
  39. areas of the tissue that have been pathologically altered
    lesion (primary and secondary)
  40. burns
    • 1st superficial
    • 2nd damage epidermis+dermis
    • 3rd +connective tissue. insensitive to touch
  41. tumor
    • stages:
    • 1- cells well differentiated
    • 2-moderly differentiated (incr. mitosis)
    • 3-poorly (greatly incr. mitosis)
    • 4-very poorly
  42. localized collection of pus at the site of an infection
  43. infl. disease of sebacous glands and hair follicle
  44. partial or complete loss of hair(normal age)
  45.  form of intraepidermal carcinoma. red brown scaly crusted lesions
    bowen disease
  46. diffuse, acute infection of the skin and subcutaneus tissue
  47. pigmentary skin discoloratios usually occuring in yellowish brown patches or spots
  48. typical small skin lesion of acne vullgar is caused by accumulation of keratin, and dried sebum plugging an exceretory duct of the skin
  49. skin discoloration consisting large irregularly formed hemorrhagic area with colors changing blue,black, brown, yellow
  50. chronic skin infl. characterized by erythema, papules, vesicles, pustules, scales...
  51. redness of the skin caused by swelling of the capillaries
  52. damaged tissue following severe burn
  53. bacterial skin infection, isolate pustles that become crustef and rupture
  54. small brown macules, face and arms, brought on by sun exposure, middle-aged person
  55. unnatural paleness
  56. infestation woth lice
  57. minute, pinpoint hemorrhage under the skin
  58. skin ulcer
    pressure ulcer
  59. intense itching
  60. chronic skin disease, red patches covered by thick dry silvery adherent scales
  61. severe bleeding disorder. hemorrhage into the tissue beneath the skin or mucous membranes
  62. contagious disease by mite
  63. fungal skin infection whose name commonly indicates the body part affected, ringworm
  64. allergic reaction of the skin. pale ted, elevated patchs wheals or hives.
  65. epidermal growth caused by virus. warts.
  66. localized loss of skin pigmentation. milk-white patches
  67. removal of necrotized tissue from wound by surgical excision, enzymes or chemical agents
  68. tissue distruction by means of high-frequency electric current
  69. skin transplant
    • skin graft
    • alograft, autograft, synthetic, xenograft
  70. antifungals 2
    • ringworm, athletes foot, fungal inf.,
    • nustatin
    • intraconazole
  71. antihistamines
    • inhibit allergic rxnof infl., redness, itching
    • diphenhydramine (benedril)
    • loratadine (claritin)
  72. antiseptics
    • inhibit growth of bacteria
    • ethyl alcohol
    • hydrogen peroxide
  73. corticosteroids
    • decrease inflm. by suppressong immune systems infl. response
    • hydrocortizone
    • triamcinolone
  74. keratolytics
    • destroy and soften the outer layer of the skin so that it is sloughed off
    • tretinoin
  75. parasiticides
    • kill insect parasites
    • lindane
    • permethrin
  76. protectives
    • cover, cool, dry, soothe
    • lotions
    • ointments
  77. topical anesthetics
    • blocks sensation
    • lindocaine
    • procane
  78. BCC
    basal cell carcinoma
  79. ung
  80. XP,XDP
    xerodesma pigmentosum
  81. mouth anatomy
    oral or buccal cavity
  82. tooth
    enamel, dentin, pulp embedded in gums (gingiva)
  83. swallow
  84. tongue
    papillae contains taste buds
  85. orange colored or yellowish pigment in bile
  86. mass of mastificated food ready to swollow
  87. glads that secrete through execretory ducts
  88. circular band of muscle fibers that constrict the passage or closes natural opening
  89. hard and soft plates
    • hard --- anterior
    • soft--- posterior (mouth and nasopharynx)
  90. pharynx
    • divids into trachea and esophagus
    • cartilage- epiglottis
  91. stomach
    • LUQ
    • lower esophageal sphincter
    • fundus upper portion
    • pylorus- most digestion
    • rugae- microscopic longitudinal folds
    • chyme- semiliquid form of food
    • pyloric sphincter -food leaves through, prohibits backflow
  92. rythmic muscle contractions
  93. small intestines
    • duodenum, jejunum, ileum
    • enzymes from pancreas, liver
    • nutrients absorbed
    • ileocecal valve-unabsorbed food pases to colon
  94. large intestines
    • secrete mucus
    • cecum( has appendix)
    • colon (water absorbtion, minerals;ascending-hepatic flexure-, transverse-spleenic flexure-,descending,sigmoid)
    • rectum
  95. liver
    bile production, remove glucose , store B12 A D E K, destroy toxic products, destroy old erythrocytes, produce blood proteins,
  96. pancreas
    • insulin, digestive enzymes (tripsyn, amylase, lipase)
    • pancreatic duct and hepatic duct enters duodenum
  97. gallbladder
    • storage of bile
    • release into duodenum
    • bile- fat digestion
  98. mouth 2
    • or/o    or/al
    • stomat/o     stomat/itis
  99. tongue 2
    • gloss/o       gloss/ectomy
    • lingu/o        lingu/al
  100. cheek
    bucc/o       bucc/al
  101. lip 2
    • cheil/o   cheil/o/plasty
    • labi/o     labi/al
  102. teeth
    • dent/o       dent/ist
    • odont/o      orth/odont/ist    (orth/o straighten)
  103. gum
    gingiv/o       gingiv/ectomy
  104. saliva
    sial/o        sial/o/lith (calculus in the salivary duct)
  105. esophagus
    esophag/o     esophag/o/scope
  106. pharynx (troat)
    pharyng/o    pharyng/o/tosnill/itis
  107. stomach
    gastr/o      gastr/algia   pain in st.
  108. pylorus
    pylor/o    pylor/o/spasm   involuntary contraction of pyloric sphincer of the stomach
  109. duodenum
    duoden/o   duoden/o/scopy visual exam.
  110. intestines
    enter/o   enter/o/pathy
  111. jejunum
    jejun/o      jejun/o/rrhaphy suture of jejunum
  112. ileum
    ile/o    ile/o/stomy   (creation of an opening)
  113. appendix 2
    • append/o   append/ectomy
    • appendic/o appendic/itis
  114. colon
    • col/o    col/o/stomy
    • colon/o   colon/o/scopy
  115. sigmoid colon
    sigmoid/o      sigmoid/o/tomy
  116. rectum
    rect/o     rect/o/cele herniation of the rectum
  117. anus/ rectum
    proct/o    proct/o/logist
  118. anus
    an/o     peri/an/al
  119. liver
    hepat/o      hepat/o/megaly
  120. pancreas
    pancreat/o    pancreat/o/lysis  destruction of pancr.
  121. bile vessel
    cholangi/o     cholangi/ole small terminal portion of the bie duct
  122. bile, gall
    chol/e    chol/e/lith
  123. gallbladder
    cholecyst/o        cholecyst/ectomy
  124. bile duct
    choledoch/o    choledoch/o/plasty
  125. vomit (suffix)
    -emesis       hyper/emesis
  126. abnormal condition
    -iasis    chol/e/lith/iasis
  127. enlargement (suffix)
    -megaly    hepat/o/megaly
  128. appetite (suffix)
    -orexia    an/orexia
  129. digestion (suffix)
    -pepsia   dys/pepsia
  130. swallowing (suffix)
    -phagia    aer/o/phagia  air swallowing
  131. meal (suffix)
    -prandial    post/prandial
  132. fat
    steat/o/rrhea  fat discharge
  133. around
    peri    peri/sigmoind/itis
  134. under
    sub-  sub/ligu/al
  135. ulcer
    • circumscribed open sore within body
    • peptic ulcer- gastric, duodenal (PUD) HCL and pepsin
    • ulcerative colitis-involves mucous lining inflamation , hrisk colon cancer
  136. hernia pathology
    • protrution through the wall
    • inguinal, unbilicle, diaphragmic, hiatal (stomach)
    • strangulated hernia (loss of blood supply)
  137. intestinal obstruction
    • mechanical (tumors, scar tissue, twisting, foreign bodies)
    • nonmechanical (peristalsis is affected after surgery)
  138. hemorrhoids
    • enlarged mucous membrane of the anal canal
    • due abdominal pressure
  139. hepatitis
    • infl. of liver
    • yellowing due present of bilirubin(destroyed erythrocytes)
  140. diverticulosis
    • small blistersliek pockets in inner of the large intestine that might ballon through intestinal wall
    • constipation, diarrhea, fewer, blood in bowel
  141. oncology
    neoplasm in epithelial or mucous lining in the stomack - gastric adenocarcinoma
  142. abnormal accumulation of fluid in the abdomen
  143. rumbling or gurgling noises that are audible at the distance and caused by passage of gas through the liuquid contense of the intestine
  144. physical wasting that includes weight and muscle loss (in AIDS)
  145. scarrung and dysfunctin of the liver cause by chronic liver disease
  146. chronic infl. possibly affecting any portion of the intestinal tract
    Crohn disease
  147. act of swallowing
  148. epigastric discomfort felt after eating
  149. producing gas from the stomach (with sound)
  150. backflow of gastric content into esophagus
    gastroesophageal reflux disease GERD
  151. bad breath
  152. vomiting with blood
  153. symptoms: abdominal pain, altered bowel function
    irritable bowel sundrome
  154. impaired passage of nutriens, minerals and fluids though intestinal villi into blood or lymp
    malabsorbtion syndrome
  155. dark colored, tarry stools (presents of blood)
  156. severe constipation, caused by intestinal obstruction
  157. white spots or patches on the mucous memrane in oral cavity
    oral leukoplakia
  158. stricture or narrowing of the pylic sphincter
    pyloric stenosis
  159. backward flow from stomach to mouth
  160. group of tests that evaluate liver injury, liver function and conditions of ten associated with biliary tract
    liver function tests LFTs
  161. measurement of the level of bilirubin in the blood
    serum bilirubin
  162. substance to detect occult (hidden blood)n in the  stool
    stool guaiac
  163. barium enema
    with barium sulfate
  164. xrayys of gallbladder after administration of a contrast materials
  165. endoscopic procedure that visualize the bile and pancreatic ducts
    endoscopic retrogate cholangiopancreatography ERCP
  166. radiographic exam. of bile duct structures
    percutaneous transhepatic cholangiography (PTCP)
  167. rad. exam. of salivary glands and ducts
  168. surgical joining of two ducts
  169. procedure to treat the morbid obesity
    bariatric surgery
  170. use of shock waves as an noninvasive method to break up the stones in the gallbladder and biliary ducts
    extracorporeal shockwave
  171. excision of a polyp
  172. insition of the longitudinal and cilcular musscles of the pylorus
  173. meds: neutalize acid
    antiacid, calcium carbonate
  174. meds: controls loose stool
    • antidiarrheals,
    • lopermide, kaolin/pectin
  175. meds:control nausea by blocking nerve impulses
  176. meds:decrease GI spasm
  177. meds: treat constipation
  178. ABC
    aspiration biopsy cystology
  179. ALT
    alanine aminotransferase
  180. AST
    angiotensin sensitivity
  181. EGD
  182. HAV, HBV, HCV
    hepatitis A,B,C virus
  183. IBS
    irritable bowel syndrome
  184. LFT
    liver funtion test
  185. PTHC
    percutanous transhepatic cholangeography
  186. R/O
    rule out
  187. hs
    half strength
  188. h.s.
    at bedtime
  189. p.r.n
    as required
  190. q
  191. wall dividing two cavities
  192. thin layer of tissue that covers internal body cavities
    serous membrane
  193. nasopharynx anatomy
    adenoids, palatine tonsils
  194. lungs anatomy
    mediastinum (heart aorta esophagus bronchi), serous membrane (pleura), visceral pleura (membrane closest to lungs), parietal pleura, pleural cavity.
  195. respiration
    pulmonary ventilation, external respiration, trasport of respiratory gases, internal respiration
  196. nose
    • nas/o   nasal
    • rhin/o  rhin/o/plasty
  197. septum
    sept/o    sept/o/plasty
  198. sinus
    sinus/o    sinusotomy
  199. adenoid
    adenoi/o         adenoidectomy
  200. tonsils
    tonsill/o    peritonsillar
  201. larynx
    laring/o    laringoplegia (paralysis)
  202. trachea (wind pipe)
    trache/o  trecheoplasty
  203. bronchus
    • bronchi/o bronchiectasis (dilation)
    • bronch/o  bronchoscope
  204. bronciole
    bronchiol/o   bronchiolitis
  205. air sac
    alveol/o    alveol/ar
  206. pelura
    pleur/o   pleurocentesis (surgical puncture)
  207. air, lung 3
    • pleum/o  pneumectomy
    • pneumon/o pneumonia
    • pulmon/o   pulmonologist
  208. coal dust
    anthrac/o   anthracosis
  209. incomplete, imperfect
    atel/o  atelectasis  (expansion)
  210. dust
    coni/o   pneumoconiosis
  211. lobe
    lob/o    lobectomy
  212. straight
    orth/o orthopnea brathing straiht
  213. oxygen 2
    • ox/i     oximeter
    • ox/o  hypoxemia deficiency of O2 in blood
  214. chest 3
    • pector/o   pectoralgia
    • steth/o   stethoscope
    • thorac/o   thoracopathy
  215. diagphragm
    phren/o   phrenospasm
  216. breath
    spir/o       spirometer
  217. CO2 (suf.)
    -capnia     hypercapnia
  218. smell (suf.)
    -osmia   anosmia
  219. voice (suf.)
    -phonia  dysphonia
  220. breathing (suf.)
    -pnea    apnea
  221. spitting (suf.)
    -ptysis   hemoptysis
  222. chest (suf.)
    -thorax    pyothorax
  223. slow
    brady-  bradypnea
  224. bad, painful
    dys-    dyspnea
  225. good normal
    eu-    eupnea
  226. rapid
  227. chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
    astma, chronic bronchitis, emphysema
  228. emphysema
    decreased elasticity of alveoli
  229. pleural effusion
    • abnormal fluid in the pleural cavity
    • diagnose: austiculation, percussion
    • transudate, exudate
  230. tuberculosis TB
    • droplet caution
    • tubercles
  231. cystic fibrosis
    • heredity
    • exocrine gland secrete extremely thick mucus---clogs pancreas and digestive tract
  232. acute respitory distreww syndrome
    alveoli fill with fluid saused by infl. and then collapse making O2 exchange impossible
  233. excessive acidity of the body fluids
  234. condition caused by insufficient intake of oxygen
  235. collapsed or airless state of the lung
  236. repeated breathing pattern(fluctuation in the depth of respiration)
    cheyne-Stokes respiration
  237. ease with which lung tissue can be stretched
  238. upper rep. infection
  239. abn. resp. sound heard on ausculation
  240. childhood cond. involving infl. of the larynx, trachea, bronchus, sometimes lungs
  241. displaces nostril cartilage
    deviated nose septum
  242. nosebleed
  243. enlargement of phalanges (associated with pulmonary disease )
    finger clubbing
  244. infectious disease (caugh with whoop sound)
  245. infl. of pleural membrane , stabbing pain while breathing
  246. disease caused by inhaling dust particles
  247. abrn. breath sound heard on ausculation
  248. high-pitc hed, harsh, adventitious breath sound caused by spasm or swelling of the larynx
  249. whistling sound caused by narrowing of the lumen
  250. intradermal test to determine tuberculin sensitivity
    mantoux test
  251. monitoring the % of hemoglobin saturated oxygen
  252. test of sleep cycles
  253. ABG
    • arterial blood gas
    • partial pressure measure of O2 CO2
  254. medication in mist
    aerosol therapy
  255. washing out of an organ
  256. surgical puncture  and drainage of the pleural cavity
  257. block histamine from binding histamine receptors (which causes sneezing, runny nose )
  258. relieve or suppress caughing by blocking the cough reflex in medulla of the brain
  259. relax bronchial muscles
  260. act on immune system by blocking production of substance that trigger allergoc and imfl. actions
  261. constrict blood vessel of nasal passages and limit blood flow
  262. liquify respiratory secretions so they are more easily disloged
  263. CPAP
    continuous positive airway pressure
  264. DPI
    dry powder inhaler
  265. FVC
    forced vital capacity
  266. HMD
    hyaline membrane disease
  267. IPPB
    internal positive-pressure breathing
  268. MDI
    metered dose inhaler
  269. NMT
    nebulizer mist treatment
  270. PND
    paroxymal nocturnal dyspnea
  271. RD
     raspitory distress syndrome
  272. T&A
    tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy
  273. VC
    vital capacity
  274. arteries
    • tunica externa- connectice tissue
    • tunica media - muscle
    • tunica intima- endothelial
    • pulse
  275. thin, flattened structure (compose a heart valve)
  276. space within artery
  277. backflow
  278. state of being sticky or gummy
  279. capillaries
    • single layer of endothelium
    • brached- blood regulated by sphincters
  280. veins
    • venules
    • return blood to the heart: muscle contraction(skeletal or peristalsis), gravity, respiratory activity, valves
  281. heart
    • endocardium
    • myocardium
    • epicardium
    • 4 chambers: L/R atrium, RL ventricles (RA->RV->lungs->LA-> LV->body)
    • L/R coronary arteries supply the blood to the heart
  282. conduction system of the heart
    • sinoartrial (SA)node- (pace maker)
    • antrioventricular (AV)
    • bundle of His (AV bundle)
    • Purkinje fibers

    • Pwave- depolarization of atria
    • QRS complec depolarization of ventricles
    • T wave  repolarization of ventricles
  283. BP
    • systolic contaction
    • diastole relaxation
    • 120/80
  284. fetal circulation
    umbilical cord, 2 arteries, placenta, umbilical vein, ductus venosus, inferior vena cava,
  285. widened blood vessel
    aneurysm/o   aneurysmorrhaphy (suture)
  286. vessel 3
    • angi/o   angioplasty
    • vascul/o    vasculitis
    • aort/o     aortostenosis (narrowoing)
  287. artery
    arteri/o    arteriorrhexis (rupture)
  288. arteriole
    arteriol/o    arteriolitis
  289. atrium
    atri/o   atriomegaly
  290. fatty plaque
    ather/o   atheroma (tumor of..)
  291. blood vessel
    hemangi/o   hemangioma (tumor of)
  292. vein 2
    • phleb/o   phlebectasis
    • ven/o venostasis (standing still)
  293. hardening
    scler/o   arteriosclerosis
  294. septum
    sept/o    septostomy (forming an opening)
  295. pulse
    sphygm/o   sphygm/oid  (resembling)
  296. narrowing
    sten/o    stenotic p.t. narrowing
  297. ventricle
    ventricul/o   ventricular
  298. pulse suffix
    -sphyxia    asphyxia
  299. narrowing suffix
    -stenosis   aortostenosis
  300. in, within
    • endo-
    • endovascular
  301. ouside
    extra-    extravascular
  302. loss of consciousness
  303. localized abn. dilation of vessel, artery
  304. condition of being stopped
  305. inability of the heart to maintain normal sinus rythm
  306. any disease or weakening of heart muscle
  307. thin, flexible plastic tube threaded in vein
  308. narrowing of the vessel
  309. blood clot that forms in the deep veins of the body
    deep vein thrombosis
  310. calculation of how much blood a ventricle can eject with one contraction
    ejection fraction EF
  311. failure of heart to supply adequate amount of blood to tissues and organs
    heart failure HF
  312. quivering or spontaneous muscle contraction
  313. arrest of bleeding or circulation
  314. elevated BP 140/90
    hypertension HTN
  315. area of tissue that undergoes necrosis
  316. sensation that the heart is not beating normally
  317. circulation of blood through tissues or the passage of fluids through vessels of an organ
  318. slender or threadlike device used to hold open vessels
  319. passage of the catheter into the heart through a vein or artery to provide a coprehesive evaluation of the heart
    vardiac catherization CC
  320. ECG taken with the small portable recording system
    Holter monitor test
  321. blood test that measures tropi T, tropin I and creatine kinase
    cardiac enzyme studies
  322. series od tests used to assess the risk factors of ischemic heart disease
    lipid panel
  323. radiography imaging of the heart and blood vessels after injection of a contrast dye
  324. nuclear procedure that uses radioactive tracers to produce movie-like images of the structures of the heart
    multiple-gated acquisition
  325. Dx tests that use radiation emitted by the body after an injection of radactv. substances to create an image of variuosu orgasns
  326. injection of a chemical to destroy the lumen
  327. procedure to restore normal rhythm of the heart by applyying controlled electric shock
  328. destruction of conduction tissue of the heart to interrupt the abnormal conduction pathway causing arhythmia
    catheter ablation
  329. surgical separation of the leaflets of the mitral valve which have fused together
  330. procedure to remove or treat varicose veins
    laser ablation
  331. tying varicose vein followed by removeal of the affercted segment
    ligation and stripping
  332. puncture of the pericardium to remove excess fluid
  333. meds: dilate blood vesses of the heart
  334. meds: lower cholesterol
  335. AAA
     abdominal aortic aneurysm
  336. ACE
    angiotensin-converting enzyme
  337. AF
    artial fibrilation
  338. AST
    angiotensin sensitivity test
  339. BBB
    bundle branch block
  340. CABG
    coronary artery bypass graft
  341. CK
    cratine kinase
  342. DES
    drug eluted stent
  343. DSA
    digital subtraction angiography
  344. ICD
    inplantable cardioverte defibrillator
  345. LD
    lactate dehydrogenase
  346. LDL
    low density lipoprotein
  347. MR
    mitral regurgitation
  348. MVP
    mitral valve rpolapse
  349. NSR
    normal sinus rhythm
  350. PAC
    premature arterial contraction
  351. PVC
    premature ventricle contraction
  352. SA
  353. VSD
    ventricular septal defect
  354. VT
    ventricular trachycardia
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