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  1. feild of veiw
    circular feild seen when looking through the ocular lens of a microscope
  2. total magnfication
    combination of the eyepeice times the magnification of the objective
  3. working distance
    distance between the specimen (slide) and the objective
  4. longitude sections
    section that is cut along the long axis of a structure
  5. cross section
    transverse cut through a structure, tissue, or speciman
  6. whole mount
    placing a whole organism or speciman on a slide for microscopic examination
  7. wet mount
    • used for microscopic examination of livin tissue or cell
  8. Steps to prepeare a wet mount
    • a.   Place
    • specimen on a blank slide

    • b.   Add a drop of
    • H2O

    • c.    Slowly lower
    • d cvr slip frm 1 side of d H2O drop so any air bubbles will b pushed out as d cvr
    • slip cms down.
  9. monomers
    chains of smaller molecules 
  10. polymers
    complex molecules
  11. dehydration synthesis
    • the loss of water molecule between each polymer
    • (builds)
  12. Hydrolysis
    • addition of water between each pair of monemorrs
    • (breaks down)
  13. monosachrides 
    simplest of the carohydrates
  14. disaccharides
    two monosacchrides linked together
  15. Starch
    a polysaccharide consisting of glucose
  16. triglycerides
    • largest class of lipids
    • composed of fatty acid and glycerol
  17. Hypotonic
    • More solution on the outside than the inside.
    • Soulution goes in the thing
    • Gets larger
  18. Hypertonic
    • More soulution in the inside
    • Solution goes out.
    • It gets shriveled 
  19. Image Upload 1
    • Hyotonic in the blood
    • Blood burst
    • Hemolysis
    • Solution goes in the blood
  20. Image Upload 2
    • Hypertonic in the blood
    • More solution inside
    • Crenation
    • Shriveles up
  21. Turgor
    • Lots of water in the cell
    • Pushes up against cell wall
  22. plasmolysis
    Not much water in cell
  23. Image Upload 3
  24. Image Upload 4
  25. Adhesive
    • Water sticking to other things
    • Causing the meniscus
  26. cohesive
    • water sticking to each other
    • causing the surface tension
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