vocab 1

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  1. philatelist/philately
    stamp collector/collection of stamps
  2. philology
    study of language and literature
  3. misandry
    hatred of males
  4. misanthrope/misanthropy
    hater of humanity
  5. misology
    hatred of argument
  6. misoneism
    hatred of new things
  7. dyslogistic
    expressing disapproval
  8. dyspepsia
    difficult digestion, ill humor
  9. dysphagia
    difficulty swallowing
  10. dysphasia
    speech difficulty from a brain injury
  11. dysphoria
    opposite of euphoria
  12. dystrophy
    faulty nutrition, muscle disorder
  13. eupepsia
    good digestion
  14. euthenics
    science dealing with improving living conditions
  15. macro
    computer language for many small steps
  16. macrocosm
    big world, universe
  17. macron
    horizontal mark indicating that the vowel is long
  18. microdont
    small teeth
  19. anoxia
    state of no oxygen 
  20. apnea
    temporary stopping of breathing
  21. monomania
    excessive concentration on one subject
  22. polyglot
    speaking several languages
  23. abiogenesis
    spontaneous generation
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