Capter 28- Community Health

  1. advocate
    one who works to protect the rights of the client while supporting the client's responsability for self-determination
  2. assessor
    a health professional who uses data in a systematic way to help identify needs. questions to be addressed, abilities, and available resources
  3. case manager
    a nurse who works to enhance continuity and provide appropriate care for clients whose health problems are actually or potentially chronic and complex
  4. community health
    meeting collective needs by identifying problems and managing behaviors within the community and between the community and the larger society
  5. disaster responders
    people who work as members of a team in a disaster to feed back information to relief workers to facilitate rapid rescue and recovery 
  6. educator
    a nurse who provides information to clients or staff for the purpose of facilitating learning
  7. federal public health agencies
    federal level government agencies that develop regulations that implement policies formulated by Congress and provide a significant amount of funding to state and territorial health agencies for public health activities 
  8. local public health agencies
    the agencies responsible for implementing and enforcing local, state, and federal public health codes and ordinances and providing essential public health program to a community
  9. outreach workers
    health workers who make a special, focused effort to find people with specific health problems for the purpose of increasing their access to health services
  10. primary caregivers
    health care professionals who are primarily responsible for providing for the health care needs of clients
  11. public health
    organized efforts designed to fulfill society's interest in ensuring conditions in which people can be healthy
  12. public health nursing
    "the practice of promoting and protecting the health of populations using knowledge from nursing, social, and public health sciences"
  13. public health programs
    programs designed with the goal of improving a population's health status
  14. referral resource
    an agency or source in the community with whom nurses communicate and to which clients are sent for assistance
  15. role model
    a person who is an example of professional or personal behavior for others
  16. state public health agency
    each of the US states and territories has a single identified official state public health agency, managed by a state health commissioner
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