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  1. watson's school of thought?
  2. what did watson focus on?
    • living things and behavior
    • *what people say and do
  3. watson's most notable experiment?
    baby albert
  4. what did the baby albert experiment focus on?
    classical conditioning (learning)
  5. Skinner's school of thought?
    operant conditioning
  6. skinner's most famous experiment?
    skinner box
  7. what was skinner?
    a radical behaviorist
  8. what term did skinner coin?
  9. albert bandura was a ?
  10. what did bandura study?
    social learning and aggression
  11. bandura's most famous experiment?
    bobo doll experiment
  12. bandura's school of thought?
    social learning theory
  13. what was special about bandura's school of thought?
    gives you ability to also influence your environment and make a concious decision
  14. Freuds school of thought?
  15. three parts of freud's theory of personality?
    • ID
    • ego
    • superego
    • **ID and superego are always against each other
  16. Carl rogers was a ?
  17. carl roger's school of thought?
    client centered therapy
  18. jean piaget's school of thought?
    coginitive psychologist
  19. what did piaget study?
    how the brain processes, store and uses information
  20. piaget's 2 specific concepts?
    • conservation
    • object permanence
    • **out of sight, out of mind
  21. what what milgram?
    a social behaviorist
  22. milgram's most famous experiment?
    • shock experiment
    • obedience to authority
  23. what motivated milgram's research?
  24. psychoanalysis is the study of ? and how if influences?
    • behavior and dreams
    • unconcious
  25. person that created psychoanalysis?
  26. these 3 components of personality are always in conflict according to freud?
    • ID
    • ego
    • superego
  27. he was the first behaviorist?
  28. this orphan was part of an experiment run by watson
  29. during this experiment on the orphan, this is the type of conditioning that was used to train the fear response?
  30. behaviorists only believe in studying ?
    quantitive date and operation
  31. BF skinner practiced this type of conditioning?
  32. skinner coined this term meaning rewarding consequences that increases your chance of doing something again
  33. what does the statement "free will is an illusion" mean to a behaviorist?
    means that is does not exist
  34. this man created the social coginitive (learning) theory?
  35. is the social coginitive theory different from skinner's radical behaviorsim?
    SCT - gives your the ability to influence your environment, while radical behaviorism says that your environment controls everything
  36. what did the bobo doll experiment demonstrate?
    it tested aggression
  37. what started the humanism movement
  38. how is humanism so different from psychoanalysis and behaviorsim?
    • is it more individulized and people are considered unique instead of categorized as a whole
    • people can reach their own goals
  39. humanists help people using this type of therapy were the therapist works as a guide to treatment
    client centered therapy
  40. this psychologist conducted the obedience to authority experiment?
  41. what influence milgram to condust his study
    the holocaust
  42. jean piaget practices what type of psychology?
  43. by studying his own children, piaget created how many stages of cognitive development?
  44. 2 concepts of piaget are?
    conservation and object permanence
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